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Aeronautics and astronautics awards

All students are aero/astro majors unless otherwise indicated.

Andrew Morsa Prize--for ingenuity and initiative in applying computers to the field of aeronautics and astronautics
- Jordan J. McRae '05, Glendale, Ariz., for designing and integrating the microprocessor software into the SWARM modular spacecraft test bed

Yvnge Raustein Award--for a student who best exemplifies the spirit of Yngve Raustein and to recognize significant achievement in Unified Engineering
- Nicki L. Lehrer '07, Rockville, Md.

David J. Shapiro Award--for undergraduates to pursue special aeronautical projects that are student-initiated and/or to support foreign travel for scientific/technical studies and research opportunities
- Thomas M. Coffee '05, Torrance, Calif., to attend the 56th annual International Astronautical Congress in Fukuoka, Japan
- Alexander D. Donaldson '06, E. Sussex, England, to attend a short course in summer 2005 on space science and technology at the Umea University in Sweden
- Carl J. Engel '07, Clear Lake, Wis., and Adam J. Woodworth '07, Plymouth, Mass., to enter the 2006 International Micro Air Vehicle Competition
- Mariel M. John '06, Maplewood, Minn., to participate in the engINdia expedition to rural India in summer 2005

AIAA Undergraduate Advising Award--for a faculty or staff member who has demonstrated excellence in serving as an academic or project advisor
- Professor Zoltan S. Spakovszky

AIAA Undergraduate Teaching Award--to a faculty or staff member who has exemplified the role of a "great teacher"
- Professor David L. Darmofal

Apollo Award--for the student who conducts the best undergraduate research project on the topic of humans in space and for a successful aero/astro design project
- Amy S. Brzezinski '05, Green Bay, Wis., for her contributions to the development of an advanced space suit for human space exploration

Thomas Sheridan Award--to an aero/astro or mechanical engineering undergraduate whose research or design project best exemplifies creativity or improvement in human-machine integration or cooperation
- Jaclyn E. Cichon '05, Tampa, Fla., and John Daniel Griffith '05, Bolton, Mass., for improvements in human-machine integration through research on the effects of age on automobile driver flexibility

Leaders for Manufacturing Prize--to a 16.622 team or teams whose project dealt with the interaction between manufacturing and engineering through demonstration of modern manufacturing processes
- Finale P. Doshi '05, aero/astro and physics, Richmond, Va., and JoHanna N. Przybylowski '05, Roslyn, Pa., for manufacturing internally cooled, hollow compressor vanes with application to high-efficiency power systems
- John C. Head '05, management, New York, N.Y., and Michael R. Heiman '05, East Meadow, N.Y., for efforts to manufacture the hardware and software for the SWARM Modular Spacecraft Test Bed

United Technologies Corp. Prize--for achievement in designing, constructing, executing and reporting an undergraduate experimental project
- Taymour El Chammah '05, Mouans-Sartoux, France, and JeanMarc Freuler '05, Thermil, Switzerland, for their method for wing flutter stabilization using local aerodynamic load sensing for active flap control
- Benjamin W. Glass '07, Ann Arbor, Mich., for an innovative project involving an array of 24 electrospray sources for use as a satellite microthruster

Adm. Luis De Florez Prize--for original thinking or ingenuity as demonstrated by the individual effort of the student
- Nicholas O. Sidelnik '05, Lake Quivira, Kan., and Brady William Young '05, Sedalia, Colo., for development and use of experimental model of swimmers' hands

James Means Award--for excellence in space systems engineering
- Colleen A. Horin '05, Bethesda, Md., for designing the SWARM modular spacecraft test bed

James Means Award--for excellence in flight vehicle engineering
- Craig D. Morales '05, Quito Pichincha, Ecuador, for creative and analytical contributions to the design of a sea-based joint intertheater airlift concept vehicle

Sigma Gamma Tau Society Graduate Teaching Award--to a faculty or staff member who has exemplified what graduate students consider to be a "great teacher"
- Professor Manuel Martinez-Sanchez

Henry Webb Salisbury Award--to seniors who have achieved superior academic performance in multiple dimensions
- Brett M. Bethke '05, physics, DeForest, Wis., and Emily Schwartz '05, Lawrence, Kan., for superior and multidimensional academic achievements in the undergraduate program

Aero/Astro Teaching Assistantship Award--for conspicuous dedication and skill in helping fulfill an undergraduate or graduate subject's educational objectives
- Christopher D. Graff G, Middletown, N.J., for his work as a graduate TA for 16.810 (Engineering Design and Rapid Prototyping) during IAP 2005
- Nayden D. Kambouchev G, Parvomaitzi, Bulgaria, for his work as a graduate teaching fellow in 16.07 (Dynamics)

Vickie Kerrebrock Award--for building a sense of community in the department
- Elizabeth O. Jordan '05, Laytham, N.Y., for dedication to building a sense of community among undergraduate students.
- Joseph H. Saleh, staff, executive director of the Ford-MIT Alliance in the Enginering Systems Division, for teaching, advising, mentoring and befriending aero/astro students

Spirit of XVI Award--for sustained efforts or exceptional achievements that have furthered the mission or enhanced the quality of life in the department
- Richard F. Perdichizzi, senior technical instructor
- Jennifer L. Craig, lecturer, writing and humanistic studies

A version of this article appeared in MIT Tech Talk on June 1, 2005 (download PDF).

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