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QCC inducts new members

Bonnie Tuohy and Fred Rosenberg of Lincoln Lab enjoy themselves at the Quarter Century Club luncheon.
Bonnie Tuohy and Fred Rosenberg of Lincoln Lab enjoy themselves at the Quarter Century Club luncheon.

The Quarter Century Club inducted 142 new members at an April 14 luncheon at the Faculty Club. Speakers included Professor Anthony P. French, QCC's president, and Kathryn Willmore, vice president and secretary of the Corporation.

Membership in the QCC, which is headquartered in the Community Services Office, is offered to faculty, administrative, research, support and service staff with 25 years of MIT employment. Upcoming QCC events include the annual summer picnic on June 8, the Silver Club High Tea for the women of the QCC in October, and the QCC holiday party in December.

This year's inductees include 91 inductees from campus, 50 from Lincoln Lab and one from Millstone Radar Site, bringing QCC's total membership to 3,143. The new members are:

Nicholas Altenbernd, Program in Writing and Humanistic Studies
Alfredo C. Anderson, Lincoln Lab
Dimitri A. Antoniadis, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (EECS)
Paul J. Arsenault, Controller's Accounting Office (CAO)
Arvind (EECS)
Michelle L. Augeri, Lincoln Lab
Orazio Bavaro, Facilities
William K. Beck, Plasma Science and Fusion Center (PSFC)
Linda A. Beebe, Millstone
Dimitri P. Bertsekas, EECS
J. Barrie Billingsley, Lincoln Lab
Ernest R. Bisson, Lab for Nuclear Science
Lisa Magnano Bleheen, School of Engineering
Robert A. Brown, Chemical Engineering
William G. Byford, PSFC
Steven D. Campbell, Lincoln Lab
David A. Carlson, Campus Police
David C.K. Chan, Lincoln Lab
Gladys A. Chaput, Lincoln Lab
Stephen A. Ciacera, Lab for Nuclear Science
Donald S. Coe, Lincoln Lab
Katherine E. Collupy, Facilities
Frederick P. Coté, Edgerton Center
Mark G. Czerwinski, Lincoln Lab
Glorianna Davenport, Media Lab
Peter V. DeMinico, Lincoln Lab
Vicky Diadiuk, Microsystems Technology Labs
John Paul DiFrancesco, Media Lab
Michael L. DiMare, Lincoln Lab
Elizabeth R. Ducot, Lincoln Lab
R. Lee Duter, Lincoln Lab
Robert W. Edwards, Environmental Health and Safety Office
Janice Ellertsen, Literature
James L. Elliot, Earth, Atmospheric and Planetary Sciences (EAPS) and physics
Thomas B. Emberley, Lincoln Lab
Donald Ferland, Public Relations Services
Robert P. Fisk, Lab for Nuclear Science
Robert J. Fitzgerald, CAO
Jeffrey P. Freidberg, Nuclear Engineering
David H. Friedman, Architecture
Lawrence D. Gallagher, MIT Video Productions
Deborah A. Gibson, CAO
H. David Goldfein, Lincoln Lab
Mark A. Goldstein, MIT Medical
Martin J. Greenwald, PSFC
Mary K. Grenham, Linguistics and Philosophy
Suna Gülen, CAO
John V. Guttag, EECS
Charles J. Hale, MIT Press
Arland C. Hampton Jr., MIT Medical
David E. Hardt, Mechanical Engineering
Thomas C. Harris Jr., Lincoln Lab
Patrick R. Hirschler-Marchand, Lincoln Lab
Ron M. Hoffmann, Information Services and Technology (IS&T)
Kay F. Johnson, Lincoln Lab
Paris Johnson, Facilities
Paul Robert Johnson, Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Lab (CSAIL)
Alan L. Kachelmyer, Lincoln Lab
Boris Katz, CSAIL
Eduardo A. Kausel, Civil and Environmental Engineering (CEE)
John H. Kay, Lincoln Lab
Lawrence Kelley, Facilities
George B. Kenney, Materials Processing Center
Samuel Jay Keyser, Linguistics and Philosophy
Peter A. Krumsiek, Lincoln Lab
Edward L. Kruzel, Center for Materials Science and Engineering
Christina M. Lamy, Lincoln Lab
Jeffrey H. Lang, EECS
Maura Lavalle, Professional Education Programs
Alan M. Levine, Center for Space Research
Zong-Long Liau, Lincoln Lab
Jae S. Lim, EECS
Richard J. Magliocco, Lincoln Lab
Charles J. Magnarelli, Lincoln Lab
Steven P. Mahoney, Lincoln Lab
Pauline R. Maier, History
Pauline M. Marchant, Clinical Research Center
Debbie Meinbresse, Program in Science, Technology and Society (STS)
Richard J. Merrick, Lincoln Lab
Pamela A. Milligan, Center for Space Research
Mitchell I. Mirkin, Lincoln Lab
Anthony Modestino, Chemical Engineering and the Energy Lab
Kathleen R. Monoxelos, Lincoln Lab
Marsha A. Myles, Corporate Relations/Industrial Liaison Program
Joan M. O'Brien, Office of the Provost
Pamela B. O'Connor, Lincoln Lab
Linda Salza Olson, Community Services Office
Leo Osgood Jr., Office of Minority Education
Elaine C. Pagliarulo, CEE
John F. Palmer, Lincoln Lab
David M. Parks, Mechanical Engineering
Douglas W. Pfeiffer, School of Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences
Robert M. Randolph, Dean for Student Life
Aldo Raucci, Audio Visual Services
H. Douglas Redfern, MIT Press
Robert P. Redwine, Physics and Dean for Undergraduate Education
David A. Reisen, MIT Medical
John E. Rice, PSFC
Lee S. Ridgway, IS&T
Russell R. Roberge, Lincoln Lab
Lynn A. Roberson, Counseling and Support Services
Carol A. Roberts, Materials Science and Engineering
Cheryl A. Rogers, Lincoln Lab
Rodolfo Rosales, Mathematics
Fred D. Rosenberg, Lincoln Lab
Selma E. Rowe-Harvey, MIT Medical
Bruce A. Russell, Lincoln Lab
Claire C. Ryan, Lincoln Lab
Ralph J. Santora, DAPER
Robert T. Sauer, Biology
William M. Sauer, Facilities
Stuart L. Scharf, Lincoln Lab
Warren P. Seering, Mechanical Engineering
Lawrence S. Segal, Lincoln Lab
Shaoann Shon, Lincoln Lab
Richard D. Shumilla, Facilities
Robert M. Slauzis, Office of Budget and Financial Planning
Joel Sloman, EAPS
Adele M. Smith, MIT Medical
Merrill W. Smith, MIT Libraries
Craig V. Solodyna, Lincoln Lab
Natalino Spinale, Facilities
Judith Spitzer, STS
Karla A. Stryker, Lab for Energy and the Environment
John C. Sweeney, EECS
Guy L. Tarnstrom, Lincoln Lab
Kenneth Teitelbaum, Lincoln Lab
Sean M. Tobin, Lincoln Lab
Karen L. Traverse, Biology
John J. Tremblay, Lincoln Lab
Michael S. Triantafyllou, Ocean Engineering
Bonnie I. Tuohy, Lincoln Lab
Edward B. Turk, Foreign Languages and Literatures
JoAnne D. Turner, CAO
George C. Verghese, EECS
Hema Viswanatha, Lincoln Lab
David S. Vokey, Lincoln Lab
Martha A. Ward, Registrar's Office
Sarah E. Webb, Lincoln Lab
Marsha Whelan, Housing
Charles F. Wilson, Lincoln Lab
Eleanor C. Wolcott, Student Financial Services

A version of this article appeared in MIT Tech Talk on May 5, 2004.

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