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Festival announces three features

Annie Lee plays Jenny in "Close Call."
Annie Lee plays Jenny in "Close Call."

Feature films at "Silkscreens," the first Boston Asian American Independent Film Festival, will include the following titles.

"Close Call" (2004)--a coming-of-age story directed by Jimmy Lee about a teenage girl trapped in a downward spiral of promiscuous sex, drugs, alcohol use and criminality. Brutally honest in its depiction of the damage wrought by the breakdown of the family in contemporary America, "Close Call" adds another theme to the story: The ever-widening gap between first-generation parents and the Generation Y children.

"Charlotte Sometimes" (2002)--one of a new breed of Asian-American films where the focus is less on the conflict between young and old generations and more about first-generation Asians creating their own way of life in America. "Charlotte Sometimes" was the co-winner of the Audience Award for Best First Narrative Feature at the recent South by Southwest Film Festival. Director Eric Byler and cast members are expected to be at the festival for a Q & A session.

"Take Out" (2004)--mixes documentary-style realism and suspenseful storytelling to paint a stark picture of life behind the counter of a Chinese take-out restaurant. Deeply in debt to the loan sharks who financed his immigration to New York City, bicycle deliveryman Ming Ding has one day to pay up or face the doubling of his debt. He borrows most of the money from friends, but as he begins his day of deliveries, he is still $150 short, more than he earns in a day. The film features professional and amateur actors and is shot in cinema-verité style in a restaurant.

In addition to the three features, "Silkscreens" will include a variety of documentaries, shorts and student films. Lesbian, bisexual, gay, and transgender (LBGT) issues, Asian stereotypes, discrimination, family values and humanism are among the themes addressed.

The festival will include opportunities for high school students from the area to take acting workshops, learn video editing, and discuss film and arts-related opportunities in college with student filmmakers.

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A version of this article appeared in MIT Tech Talk on September 22, 2004 (download PDF).

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