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Ilona Karmel Writing Prizes Competition

Boit Manuscript Prize--drama

1st prize: Nancy Keuss '04, physics, Plano, Texas

2nd prize: Amy Fisher '05, BCS, Manalalpan, N.J.

Boit Manuscript Prize--essay

2nd prize: Rachel Dillon '04, writing, Cranston, R.I.

Alex Khripin '04, EECS

Boit Manuscript Prize--fiction

1st prize: Arthur Musah '04, EECS, Ghana

2nd prize: Jean Young Choi '06, writing, Brookline, Mass.

Honorable mention: Eun J. Lee '04, biology, Houston, Texas

Boit Manuscript Prize--poetry

1st prize: Aaron Parness '04, mechanical engineering and creative writing, DeKalb, Ill.

2nd prize: Arthur Musah '04, EECS, Ghana

Honorable mention: Amanda K. Sorenson '04, CEE, Townsend, Mont.

Dewitt Wallace Prize for Scientific Writing for the Public

1st prize: Christine E. Casas '04, biology, San Antonio, Texas

2nd prize: Ingrid Lawhorn '06, chemical engineering, Peachtree City, Ga.

Honorable mention: Jolene Singh '05, biology

Ellen King Prize for Freshman Writing

1st prize for drama: Theresa Eugenio '07, physics, Bothell, Wash.

2nd prize for essay: Anicham Kumarasamy '07, mathematics, Edison, N.J.

Honorable mention for short story: Scott Ostler '07, Edmonds, Wash.

Writing Science Fiction

1st prize: Scott Berdahl '07, geology, Yukon Territory, Canada

2nd prize: Nancy Hua '07, computer science, Pittsburgh

Honorable mention: James Skelley '04, computer science, Joplin, Mo.

Robert A. Boit Writing Prize--essay

1st prize: Anna Wexler '07, BCS, Fair Lawn, N.J.

2nd prize: Emily Levesque '06, physics and EAPS, East Taunton, Mass.

3rd prize: Theresa Shyr '05, biology, Lafayette, La.

Honorable mention: Sarah A. Laszlo '04, BCS, Billings, Mont.

Robert A. Boit Writing Prize--poetry

1st prize: Vladimir Fleurima '05, EECS, Ocoee, Fla.

2nd prize: Michelle A. Nadermann '04, mathematics, Leominster, Mass.

3rd prize: Jessica Young '06, writing, Pleasantville, N.Y.

Honorable mention: David Jackson '04, chemical engineering, Spring, Texas

Robert A. Boit Writing Prize--short story

1st prize: Anita Kris '06, materials science and engineering, Merced, Calif.

2nd prize: Eric M. Mibuari '06, aero/astro, Laare, Meru Kenya

3rd prize: Melissa Latigo '05, biology, Addid Ababa, Ethiopia

Honorable mention: Bethany D. Patten '06, writing

S. Klein Prize for Scientific and Technical Writing

1st prize: Monica W. Ho '04, chemical engineering, Columbus, Ohio

2nd prize: Eun J. Lee '04, biology, Houston

Honorable mention: Tanya Y. Cheng '04, materials science and engineering, Los Altos Hills, Calif.

Writing and Humanistic Prize for Engineering Writing

1st prize: Monica Ho '04, chemical engineering, Columbus, Ohio; Cem Albayrak '05, biology, Istanbul; Carly Saylor '04, EECS, Moon Township, Penn.; Edward Song '05, chemical engineering, Lake Mary, Fla.

2nd prize: Sean J. Leonard '04, EECS, San Diego

Honorable mention: Stephen Lee '05, biology, Pittsburgh; Krish (Ketul) Parikh '05, EECS and management, Dallas

Vera List Prize for Visual Arts

1st prize: Cecilia Ramos '05 architecture, Concord, Mass.

2nd prize: Tiffany Kanaga '04, french and management science, Greenville, Del.

A version of this article appeared in MIT Tech Talk on June 2, 2004 (download PDF).

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