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Aeronautics and astronautics

Andrew Morsa Prize--for ingenuity and initiative applying computers to the field of aeronautics and astronautics

Chinwe P. Nyenke '04, Chicago, and Shen Qu '04, Duluth, Ga., for designing a display evaluation procedure for an advanced terrain warning system

Michael S. Fritts '05, Batavia, N.Y., and Robert W. Grimes '05, Los Alamitos, Calif., for designing an autonomous airspeed control system

Yvnge Raustein Award--for a student who best exemplifies the spirit of Yngve Raustein and to recognize significant achievement in Unified Engineering

Lauri O. Kauppila '06, Espoo, Finland

David Shapiro Award--to pursue special aeronautical projects that are student-initiated and/or to support foreign travel to enhance scientific/technical studies

David A. Broniatowski '04, Cleveland Heights, Ohio, to attend the International Space University summer program

Thomas M. Coffee '05, Torrance, Calif., to study an integrated organizational and analytical tool for systems engineering

William K. Chen '04 (EECS), Edina, Minn., Jordan J. McRae '05, Phoenix, Ariz., and Allen D. Wu '04, Southborough, Mass., for study of "The Basilisk: A Versatile Robotic Air Cushion Vehicle"

Carl Engel '07, Clear Lake, Wisc., and Adam Woodworth '07, Plymouth, Mass., to enter the 2005 International Micro Air Vehicle Competition.

AIAA Undergraduate Advising Award

Col. John E. Keesee

AIAA Undergraduate Teaching Award

Professor Karen E. Willcox

Apollo Award--for the best undergraduate research project on humans in space or successful participation in a Course 16 design project

Laura R. Messeri '04, West Orange, N.J., and Dominic A. Rizzo '04, Menomonee Falls, Wisc., for a haptic feedback glove for remote grasping

Thomas Sheridan Award--for work in human-machine integration or cooperation

Chinwe P. Nyenke '04, Chicago, and Shen Qu '04, Duluth, Ga., for display evaluation of an advanced terrain warning system

Leaders for Manufacturing Prize--for students in "Experimental Projects II" whose project deals with the interaction between manufacturing and engineering

Miguel Macias '04, South Gate, Calif., and Melanie A. Miller '04, Saline, Minn., for exploring the reliability and cost reduction of using shear pins to control rocket launches.

United Technologies Corp. Prize--for outstanding achievement in designing, building and reporting on an undergraduate experimental project

Julie A. Arnold '04, Guilford, Conn., and Paula Echeverri '04, Bogota, Colombia, for developing a method for protecting payloads during parachute drops

Admiral Luis De Florez Prize--for original thinking or ingenuity

Emily Schwartz '05, Lawrence, Kan., and Christopher J. Sequeira '05, North Richland Hills, Texas, for an apparatus to measure the propulsive efficiency of a flapping wing

Kathleen M. McCoy '04, Portsmouth, N.H., and Darlene A. Utter '04 for their project on long-range visibility and driver braking reaction

James Means Award for Excellence in Space Systems Engineering

Philip N. Springmann '04, Racine, Wis., for analysis of low Earth orbit communications satellite systems with subsequent publication in the 21st AIAA International Communications Satellite Systems Conference and in the Journal of Spacecraft and Rockets

James Means Award for Excellence in Flight Vehicle Engineering

Charles T. Wesley '04, Vernon Hills, Ill., for engineering analyses, systems testing and systems integration of the propulsion system in the 16.82x "Phaeton" quad-rotor aero capstone project

Sigma Gamma Tau Society Graduate Teaching Award

Professor Dava J. Newman

Henry Webb Salisbury Award--for academic achievement

Glenn P. Tournier '04, Cary, Ill.

Aero/Astro Teaching Assistantship Award

Farmey A. Joseph G, Hackett, Australia

A version of this article appeared in MIT Tech Talk on June 2, 2004 (download PDF).

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