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Newest group of retirees honored at dinner

Enjoying the MIT retirement party are (left to right) Janice Phillips, Shirley Phillips, Joseph Melo, Laura Melo and Grace Galton.
Enjoying the MIT retirement party are (left to right) Janice Phillips, Shirley Phillips, Joseph Melo, Laura Melo and Grace Galton.
Photo / Donna Coveney

A total of 130 employees who recently retired from MIT were honored at a dinner on Sept. 16. The event was hosted by President Charles M. Vest and Mrs. Rebecca Vest at the Hotel@MIT.

Eighty-nine of the latest group (those who retired between July 1, 2002 and June 30, 2003) worked at campus, and 41 at Lincoln Laboratory. The average length of service was almost 26 years. Anthony J. D'Arcangelo Jr. of Lincoln Lab holds the record this year for longest service--48 years.

The retirees, their area and years of service at MIT are:

Ebert C. Agard, Facilities (32)
William F. Ames, Aeronautics and Astronautics (11)
Hans G. Antonsson, Facilities (10)
Michael E. Austin, Lincoln (40)
Jeffrey A. Barks, Sloan School (23)
Cathryn J. Baty, Graduate Students Office (12)
Robert J. Birgeneau, physics (28)
Ann C. Black, HST (20)
Rene R. Boisvert, Lincoln (36)
Elizabeth C. Bradley, Registrar's Office (35)
Martin J. Brennan, Lincoln (40)
Judith A. Bresnahan, Controller's Accounting Office (35)
Janalee I. Burgess, Lincoln (15)
Guy W. Carlisle, Lincoln (30)
James W. Caunt, Lincoln (27)
Elias Christopoulos, Facilities (32)
Ellen M. Costa, Lincoln (26)
William J. Culbert, Corporate Relations/ILP (35)
Donald I. Curtin, Lincoln (20)
Anthony J. D'Arcangelo Jr.,Lincoln (48)
Vincenzo Daneu, Lincoln (22)
John F. DeCaprio Jr., Lincoln (43)
Robert A. DeFronzo, Facilities (10)
Anita Desai, Program in Writing and Humanistic Studies (10)
Jennifer Devries Gwinn, nuclear engineering (27)
Joseph J. DiFranco Jr., Lincoln (11)
Joseph D. Doucet, Lincoln (40)
Dan E. Dudgeon, Lincoln (24)
Harold P. Eccles Jr., Facilities (13)
Robert B. Edgecomb, Lab for Nuclear Science (10)
Robert T. Eirich Jr., Lincoln (13)
Aiqi Fang, Biology (11)
Robert J. Fitzgerald, Controller's Accounting Office (26)
William J. Fitzgerald, Lincoln Fiscal Office (41)
Mary Ann Foti, MIT Medical (37)
Steven R. Freeman, biology (29)
Bernard J. Frieden, School of Architecture and Planning (42)
Eugene B. Galton, Center for Space Research (14)
Paula Gulino, Campus Dining (24)
Sarah Hall, biology (17)
Karen Halvorson, MIT Medical (21)
Linda F. Hampson, Lincoln (30)
Kent F. Hansen, nuclear engin-eering (44)
Katharine H. Hanson, Consortium on Finance of Higher Edu. (25)
Suzanne Harrington, Controller's Accounting Office (14)
Jerry N. Haynes Jr., Lincoln (15)
David H. Henshaw, Office of Sponsored Programs (34)
Gail P. Hickey, Technology and Policy Program (23)
Richard A. Hill, Dean for Student Life (11)
Paul J. Honiker, Controller's Accounting Office (39)
James E. Horan, Lincoln (15)
Jack B. Howard, chemical engineering (37)
Nerva E. Irvine, MIT Medical (28)
Patrick A. Kearney, materials science and engineering (42)
Katherine V. Keefe, libraries (14)
Arthur K. Kerman, physics (47)
Cynthia Y. Kopf, Research Lab of Electronics (30)
Marie-Therese Kouo, chemistry (16)
Mary Mareno Kowal, Lincoln (43)
John M. Kowalski, Lincoln (34)
Gabriela M. Krockmalnic, biology (21)
Carmine J. LaRocca, Housing (30)
Ronald M. Latanision, materials science and engineering (29)
Charles W. Lebell, Lincoln (36)
Claude M. Lee, MIT Press (18)
George R. Limerick Jr., Lincoln (14)
Bertan Louis, Facilities (28)
Linda M. Lowe, Media Lab (20)
Marie L. Ludwig, Lincoln Fiscal Office (34)
Lionel L. Lynch, Facilities (14)
Joseph V. MacPhee, Lincoln (30)
Richard B. Mallio, Lincoln (13)
John F. McCreery, Housing (21)
John P. McCrillis, Lincoln, 31)
Patricia A. McDonnell, mechanical engineering (12)
John F. McKenzie, Lincoln (39)
Violet E. McKenzie, Facilities (14)
John A. Melanson, Lincoln (38)
Joseph B. Melo, Housing (18)
Sarah G. Mitchell, Libraries (24)
D. Bryce Mitton, materials science and engineering (13)
Thomas E. Mullen, Office of Sponsored Programs (36)
Teresa M. O'Connor, Housing (26)
Carson E. Odle, Division of Comparative Medicine (25)
William H. Orme-Johnson, chemistry (24)
Patricia A. Orr, EECS (10)
Anthony J. Pallotta, Facilities (11)
Diane J. Patrick, Office of Sponsored Programs (38)
Igor Paul, mechanical engineering (42)
Shirley D. Phillips, Housing (30)
Raul O. Quesada, Faculty Club (29)
Joseph G. Quinn, DAPER Intercollegiate Sports (23)
Donald J. Ray, Lincoln (37)
Alan G. Rayen, Lincoln (15)
Fitzroy Reece (Housing (25)
Peter Reich, MIT Medical (14)
Thomas D. Rosato Sr., Information Systems (10)
Robert M. Rose, materials science and engineering (46)
Paul C. Rudack, Facilities (22)
Robert V. Russell, MIT Medical (32)
Abdur Raqeeb Sadiq, Facilities (27)
John J. Saia, Lincoln (37)
Joan L. Sarjeant, Lincoln Fiscal Office (16)
Ruth K. Seidman, Libraries (15)
Judith Sheytanian, School of Science (13)
Mary D. Shutt, Lincoln (15)
Ernest J. Smith Jr., Division of Comparative Medicine (12)
Robert S. Solakoff, CampusPolice (38)
Guy L. Spina, Controller's Accounting Office (36)
Arthur Steinberg, anthropology (38)
Gordon L. Tebbetts, Lincoln (32)
Phyllis R. Tentindo, Facilities (13)
Mary Frances Terhune, Center for Space Research (16)
Elsa G. Tian, Audit Division (34)
Sandra F. Travis, Lincoln (18)
Frank Urbanowski, MIT Press (28)
Robert L. Van De Pitte, Office of Sponsored Programs (32)
Herman F. Vandevenne, Lincoln (32)
Bernard F. Wadsworth, Lab for Nuclear Science (41)
Katherine Wan, biology (25)
Roy E. Watjus, Lincoln (16)
Malcolm A. Weiss, Lab for Energy and the Environment (24)
Lydia O. Wereminski, EECS (46)
Richard A. Westberg, Lincoln (37)
William J. Westcott, Lincoln (39)
Harald Wilhelmsen, Lincoln (21)
Edward R. Wilkes, Facilities (14)
Cynthia G. Wolff, Program in Writing and Humanistic Studies (23)
Robert Z. Wright, Controller's Accounting Office (39)
Imelda Zepf, Controller's Accounting Office (21)

A version of this article appeared in MIT Tech Talk on September 24, 2003.

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