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Dibner Institute names 2003-04 Fellows

MIT's Dibner Institute for the History of Science and Technology has named 13 senior fellows, one research associate, 12 postdoctoral fellows and eight graduate student fellows for the next academic year.

Among the senior fellows is David Mindell, the Frances and David Dibner Associate Professor of the History of Engineering and Manufacturing in the Program in Science, Technology and Society and a Macvicar Faculty Fellow. He will write a book on the history of computing and control systems on the Apollo Project in the 1960s.

More information on all the new Fellows can be found at (click on "Dibner news"). The other senior fellows and their Dibner research projects are:

Rachel Ankeny--"Modelling Nervous Systems, 1880-1930: Debates Over Choice of Materials and Techniques in the Correlation of Form and Function."

John P. Britton--Babylonian lunar theory, including more recently discovered cuneiform sources.

Gail Cooper--"A History of Statistical Quality Control, 1923-1980."

Ofer Gal--continuing his studies of Robert Hooke and his influence on Newton.

Robert Iliffe--completing a book on Newton's theological writings from 1670 to 1700, and integrating the Newton manuscripts at Dibner and the Smithsonian Institution into the online resource managed at Imperial College by the Newton Project.

Myles Jackson--the role of physicists and scientific instrument-makers in the standardization of musical pitch in 19th-century Germany.

Elzbieta Jung-Palczewska--"Walter Charleton: Concept of the Science of Mechanics. A Transmission of Ideas from Galileo to Newton."

Irina O. Luther--a critical edition with English translation of the treatise "On the Motion of Rolling and the Relation Between the Plane and the Curve" by Iranian astronomer, mathematician and philosopher al-Shirazi.

Rhonda Martens--"The Best Of All Possible Worlds: Kepler's Influence on Leibniz."

Nicolas Rasmussen--the history of the artificial pharmaceutical amphetamine and its derivatives from 1930-65.

Bruce Sinclair--"Engineering Hetchy Hetchy: Technics and Politics in the Progressive Era."

Edith Sylla--"Mathematics and the Scientific Revolution: Leibniz and the Bernoullis."

A version of this article appeared in MIT Tech Talk on May 21, 2003.

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