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Statement on lawsuit being filedby Elizabeth Shin's family

Regarding a report in The Chronicle of Higher Education that a lawsuit is being filed on the death in April 2000 of student Elizabeth Shin, Jeffrey Swope of the law firm of Palmer & Dodge, counsel for MIT, issued the following statement:

"The death of Elizabeth Shin was a tragedy -- for this bright young woman, her family and friends, and all those at MIT who tried to help her. But it was not the fault of MIT or anyone who works at MIT. According to information provided by the family's own lawyer, she had suffered from serious emotional problems that began at least as early as high school.

"Many people at MIT had offered as much help and support as they could to her. While MIT regrets the need to do so, it will defend against the claims that have been brought against it and the members of its community who had tried to help her."

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