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Retirees honored at annual dinner

A dinner at Endicott House on Oct. 1 honored the 109 MIT employees who retired in fiscal 2002. Of that total, 83 worked on campus and 26 at Lincoln Lab. The employees averaged 27 years of service, with Professor Frederick J. McGarry topping the longevity list at 52 years.

Following is a list of the retirees, together with the area in which they worked and the number of years they were employed at MIT.

Roshan L. Aggarwal, Physics (37)
Keith J. Arnold, Lincoln Lab (11)
Joseph E. Baclawski, Corporate Development (14)
Mary J. Bacon, Purchasing (37)
Mary Barry, Student Financial Services (14)
Eda Barsoum, Human Resources (11)
Monica B. Bell, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, or EECS (13)
Aron M. Bernstein, Physics (40)
Andrea Bodo, Clinical Research Center (11)
Jeanne M. Bryan, Facilities (36)
Louis L. Bucciarelli Jr., School of Engineering (35)
James J. Cassidy, Facilities (20)
Eileen C. Cecca, Medical (28)
Noam A. Chomsky, Institute Professors (46)
Vincent P. Clark, Facilities (33)
Bertram M. Clement, Lincoln Lab (25)
John C. Connolly, Lincoln Lab (22)
Nora Davis, Facilities (12)
Frances M. Davis, Lincoln Lab (25)
Herminda DeSabogal, Medical (22)
James F. Donahue, Lab for Nuclear Science (41)
James S. Edison, Facilities (16)
Virginia M. Esau, Physics (14)
John T. Fay, Facilities (16)
Thomas L. Ferrari, Lab for Nuclear Science (24)
Jean P. Flanagan, Lab for Nuclear Science (32)
Muriel A. Frederick, Center for Environmental Initiatives (13)
David P. Gale, Lincoln Lab (40)
Richard Gaudette, Haystack Observatory (41)
Elizabeth M. Gervais, Lincoln Lab (11)
Harvey P. Greenspan, Mathematics (42)
Sebastiano Gulino, Housing (16)
Ralph Gurney, Lincoln Lab (42)
David A. Gwinn, Plasma Science and Fusion Center (37)
Elizabeth S. Hafen, Lab for Nuclear Science (28)
Joan L. Hagerman, Lincoln Lab (24)
Carl William Hagge II, Facilities (28)
Kenneth R. Hamilton, Lincoln Lab (38)
Noel P. Hart, Information Systems (35)
David J. Heaslip, Lincoln Lab (25)
William G. Henderson, Lincoln Lab (31)
Frederick C. Hennie III, EECS (46)
Karen Hersey, Intellectual Property (18)
Joanna B. Hills, Media Lab (10)
Bernard Hoop, Harvard-MIT Division of Health Sciences and Technology (4)
Penelope J. Karageorge, Human Resources (14)
Edwin T. Kinnear, Lincoln Lab (24)
Jordan Kirsch, Physics (14)
Arthur L. Lafleur, Center for Environmental Health Sciences (29)
Alan J. Lazarus, Physics (42)
Robert E. Lee, Treasurer's Office (43)
Edward Levine, Architecture (13)
Barbara A. Lindstrom, Division of Comparative Medicine (7)
Lorraine M. Long, Facilities, 5)
Susan C. Lowance, Sloan School of Management (10)
Richard E. Lowe, Housing (28)
Thomas M. Lynch, Environmental Health and Safety (28)
Harriet D. MacAskill, Medical (16)
Norman L. MacAskill, Mechanical Engineering (16)
Elizabeth P. Maksutian, EECS (35)
Robert L. Malster, Corporate Development (11)
Richard S. Marcus, EECS (35)
Stephen Marcus, Lincoln Lab (32)
Malcolm J. Mason, Facilities (36)
Jacqueline M. McCarthy, Lincoln Lab (12)
Peter McCarthy Jr., Facilities (33)
Patricia A. McCosco, Mechanical Engineering (25)
Frederick J. McGarry, Professional Institute (52)
J. Terence Meehan, Property Office (27)
Rudolph G. Mercuri, Lincoln Lab (12)
Robert G. Miller, Lincoln Lab (24)
Anthony J. Modestino, Chemical Engineering (25)
John P. Mumley, Environmental Health and Safety (20)
Paul F. Murray, Lincoln Lab (39)
William J. Piacentini, Lincoln Lab (33)
Dorothy E. Purdy, Human Resources (11)
Marjory D. Ray, MIT Press (10)
Barbara E. Rice, Copy Technology Centers (23)
John F. Rockart, Sloan School of Management (40)
Anthony Rogers, Medical (15)
Lawrence Rosenson, Physics (43)
Dorrit G.H. Schuchter, Architecture (22)
Michael Scott Morton, Sloan School of Management (36)
Roger R. Seaborne, Lincoln Lab (30)
Stephen D. Senturia, EECS (36)
Thomas B. Sheridan, Mechanical Engineering (47)
Arthur C. Smith, EECS (43)
T.C.L. Gerhard Sollner, Lincoln Lab (20)
Susan M. Staecker, Lincoln Lab (26)
Cynthia M. Stevens, Medical (23)
W. Sara Gardiner Stillwell, Division of Bioengineering and Environmental Health (17)
Marilyn J. Stone, Lincoln Lab (21)
Charles R. Studebaker, Facilities (21)
James P. Sullivan, Facilities (24)
Betty H. Sultan, Dean for Student Life (14)
Catherine V. Taylor, Audio Visual Services (16)
Anthony Tentindo, Facilities (14)
Doris M. Theobald, Lincoln Lab (27)
Edward A. Thibeault, Plasma Science and Fusion Center (30)
Richard P. Thibodeau, Lincoln Lab (33)
James N. Walpole, School of Engineering (35)
Rainer Weiss, Physics (46)
Sonia White, Brain and Cognitive Sciences (10)
Richard E. Williams, Facilities (16)
Frederick D. Wilson, Materials Science and Engineering (43)
F. Wesley Wilson, Lincoln Lab (11)
August F. Witt, Materials Science and Engineering (42)
Sally Wright, Medical (33)
Dorothy A. Zibkowski, Lincoln Lab (29)

A version of this article appeared in MIT Tech Talk on October 9, 2002.

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