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Quarter Century Club inducts 95 new members

Quarter Century inductees (left to right) Timothy R. Downes, Paulette P.        Mosley and Bertram M. Clement, chat at a recent lunch.
Quarter Century inductees (left to right) Timothy R. Downes, Paulette P. Mosley and Bertram M. Clement, chat at a recent lunch.
Photo / Donna Coveney

The Quarter Century Club inducted 95 new members at an April 3 luncheon at the Faculty Club.

Forty-four percent or 42 of this year's new members are women; 71 inductees work on campus and 24 are from Lincoln Lab. Overall, women make up 20 percent of the approximately 3,035 club members.

Membership in the QCC is offered to faculty and staff members who have worked at the Institute for 25 years. The club is chartered with promoting good fellowship among long-term associates of the MIT community and furthering the well-being of its membership through cultural, educational and social events. Professor Anthony P. French is president of the QCC, which is managed by the Office of Special Community Services.

The general membership of the QCC will have an opportunity to welcome new members at the annual summer picnic on June 11. Other QCC events scheduled this year include the Silver Club High Tea for Ladies in October and the QCC holiday party on December 10.


Philip N. Alexander, Program in Writing
Holly E. Anderson, aeronautics and astronautics
James C. Anderson, Lincoln Laboratory
Claire Benoit, electrical engineering and computer science
Rebecca G. Bisbee, School of Engineering/Office of the Provost
Don M. Boroson, Lincoln Laboratory
Linda A. Bradford, Facilities
Rafael L. Bras, civil and environmental engineering (CEE)
Jeanne M. Bryan, Facilities
B. Clark Burchfiel, earth, atmospheric and planetary sciences (EAPS)
Steven M. Burke, Student Services Information Technology
Oral Buyukozturk, CEE
Diane M. Catalano, Information Systems
Elizabeth A. Chimento, Media Laboratory
Penny Chisholm, CEE
Bertram M. Clement, Lincoln Laboratory
Debra E. Cobb, Office of the Treasurer
Janet T. Colwell-Popp, Campus Police
David G. Costa, Lincoln Laboratory
Joseph M. Costello, Safety Office
Daniel A. Crovo, Facilities
Richard J. Cunniff, Lincoln Laboratory
William M. Deen, chemical engineering
Pamela J. Dimond, MIT Medical
Timothy R. Downes, Sea Grant College Program
Thomas W. Eagar, materials science and engineering
Marsha Edmunds, Office of the Treasurer
Rose B. Edwards, Lincoln Laboratory
Kent R. Edwards, Lincoln Laboratory
Lois S. Eichler, MIT Medical
Andrew M. Eisenmann, Office of Academic Services
Mary Z. Enterline, Office of Academic Services
Anthony F. Favaloro, Office of Sponsored Programs
Glenn R. Flierl, EAPS
Charlene Follett, Libraries
Peter Gerald Ford, Center for Space Research
Gerti Gillen, Center for Environmental Health Sciences
Eileen M. Glines, MIT Medical
Prescott C. Grey, Lincoln Laboratory
John S. Haggerty, Materials Processing Center
Jeffrey C. Harrington, Alumni Association
Jeffrey E. Harris, economics
Paul M. Healey, Campus Police
David J. Heaslip, Lincoln Laboratory
Gregory E. Heath, Lincoln Laboratory
John M. Holt, Haystack Observatory
Anastasia J. Janus, Controller's Accounting Office
Victor G. Kac, mathematics
Roger D. Kamm, mechanical engineering and biological engineering
Mujid S. Kazimi, nuclear engineering
Barbara A. Keesler, Plasma Science and Fusion Center
F. Judith Klayman, MIT Medical
Thomas P. Lloyd, Lincoln Laboratory
Anne T. MacAskill, Center for Space Research
Margaret Magendantz, Center for Cancer Research
Edward T. Maguire, Lincoln Laboratory
Lore H. Mahoney, Endicott House
Frank Mangano, Lincoln Laboratory
Earl S. Marmar, physics
Carol McKinley, Center for Cancer Research
Joyce M. Michaels, Lincoln Laboratory
Paulette P. Mosley, Operations Research Center
Douglas B. Muttart, Plasma Science and Fusion Center
Teresa M. O'Connor, Housing
Gerald C. O'Leary, Lincoln Laboratory
Olga V. Parkin, Biological Engineering Division
Robert J. Parr, Lincoln Laboratory
Robert J. Patterson, Lincoln Laboratory
Barbara Peacock-Coady, Human Resources
Joanne D. Pendergast, Lincoln Laboratory
Richard D. Petrasso, Plasma Science and Fusion Center
Miklos Porkolab, physics
Paula C. Reddick, Laboratory for Nuclear Science
George B. Reservitz, MIT Medical
Linda J. Robinson, Lincoln Laboratory
Abdur Raqueeb Sadiq, Facilities
Helen W. Samuels, Office of the Provost
Thomas L. Sangiolo, Lincoln Laboratory
Kathleen A. Santosuosso, Lincoln Laboratory
Susan I. Shansky, Office of Corporate Relations
Michael J. Shortsleeve, MIT Medical
Ginny Powell Siggia, CEE
Paul L. Skipper, Biological Engineering Division
John M. Sorvari, Lincoln Laboratory
Michael E. Steeves, Lincoln Laboratory
Holly B. Sweet, Experimental Study Group
Richard D. Tabors, Technology and Policy Program
Edith A. Thompson, Controller's Accounting Office
David Thorburn, Literature Section
Jane L. Trull, Information Systems
Preetinder S. Virk, chemical engineering
Graham C. Walker, biology
Sharon Deacon Warne, MIT Press
Loretta M. Wesley, Lincoln Laboratory
Stephen M. Wolfe, Plasma Science and Fusion Center

A version of this article appeared in MIT Tech Talk on April 10, 2002.

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