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Construction update


The sidewalk in front of the building has received temporary pavement and the curbs have been reinstalled. Temporary fencing has been installed in areas where construction access is still required at the back and sides of the building.


The building's opening is scheduled for Sept. 23. Swimming pools are filled; water treatment is in progress. Spectator seating is installed. Squash court installation is complete, and flooring is in progress. General interior finishes are nearing completion.


Repair work on the east concrete facade is nearing completion. Installation of mechanical systems continues.


Because of the reconstruction of Vassar Street, the entrance and exit lanes under Building 39 have been changed temporarily. Beginning on Thursday, Sept. 5 and continuing for several days, the regular entrance lane will be closed to allow work in the roadway. The normal exit lane will be converted to a two-lane entrance and exit road. Signs, cones and police will direct traffic in and out of the campus. Once the entrance lane work is complete, the project will switch sides. The normal exit will be closed, and the entrance will become an entrance and exit lane.

A version of this article appeared in MIT Tech Talk on September 11, 2002.

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