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DUSP promotes dialogue in Big Dig planning

A local TV series and a Town Forum at Faneuil Hall are part of a new public information campaign about the Big Dig spearheaded by MIT's Department of Urban Studies and Planning (DUSP) and the Boston Globe.

The Beyond the Big Dig project promotes broad participation in the Central Artery open space planning process. On Feb. 21, WCVB-TV5 ran the first of four programs produced in association with the project; programs March 12, April 7 and May 14 explore new public places in Paris, Barcelona and San Francisco.

As part of the campaign, The Boston Foundation, Boston Society of Architects and the Boston Redevelopment Authority will host two community dialogue sessions. The first session will be held April 13 at the Boston Harbor Hotel; the second, May 11 at English High School.

The TV series and dialogue sessions will culminate in a May 30 Town Forum at Faneuil Hall designed and managed by MIT researchers. MIT faculty including Dean William Mitchell and Professors William Porter, Joseph Ferreira, Dennis Frenchman and Anne Whiston Spirn, have also provided historical and case study analysis to support the television production, and for posting on Boston.Com. The project director is Thomas Piper, a DUSP principal research scientist.

The Globe has committed to coverage of the issues in its pages. In addition, the newspaper's web portal will post text, graphic and video content and serve as a platform for interactivity over the Internet.

The Beyond the Big Dig project is the fourth time in the last two decades that DUSP has teamed up with the Boston Globe to explore major opportunities in the development evolution of Boston.

A version of this article appeared in MIT Tech Talk on April 10, 2002.

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