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Kathleen Goncharov, MIT's new public-art curator, was profiled by art writer/critic Christine Temin in the Jan. 29 Boston Globe. Goncharov has arrived amid a flurry of creation as new public pieces are commissioned in conjunction with MIT's 11 major construction projects. The Institute was praised both for its Art on Campus program which allots 1 percent of a construction project's budget to public art (with a $250,000 cap per project), and for choosing artists through a committee "steered by art-savvy experts."

The List Center's curator, Bill Arning, also has been highly visible in the Boston media. The February issue of Boston Magazine features him in an article on "artist-friendly developments in Boston," calling him "foremost" among curators who know Boston artists. "Curators from around the world call Arning to ask him about the Boston art scene," wrote Stephen Jermanok. "If by chance they're in town, Arning will drive them around to his favorite galleries... 'One of the reasons I took this job is that a large percentage of your audience is students,' [Arning] says. 'If we do a good, edgy show here, something that engages them, then that's a particularly exhilarating position to be in.'"

A version of this article appeared in MIT Tech Talk on February 6, 2002.

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