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2001: In memoriam

Below are some of the deaths in the MIT community in 2001, listed by the date in which the obituary appeared in MIT Tech Talk (see the links to the full articles after each item, and the year's online archives ).

Jan. 10--Postdoctoral associate Constantine Giannitsis , 29, on Dec. 31. Story .

Feb. 14--Professor Emeritus of Nuclear Engineering Allan F. Henr y, 76, who developed mathematical models to describe neutron behavior in reactors, on Jan. 28. Story .

Feb. 14--Professor Emeritus Thomas H. Lee , 77, a founder of the Center for Quality Management who was a pioneer in developing modern management techniques, on Feb. 4. Story .

Feb. 14-- Dorothy L. Bowe , 71, former associate director of Financial Aid, on Feb. 9. Story .

Feb. 28--Professor Emeritus Claude Shannon , 84, known as the father of modern digital communications and information theory, on Feb. 24. Story .

April 4--Professor Emeritus of Physics Clifford G. Shull , 85, co-winner of the 1994 Nobel Prize in physics, on March 31. Story .

April 25--Professor John M. Edmond , 57, marine geochemist and paleoceanographer whose work on the oceanic carbon dioxide system contributed to breakthroughs in understanding the fate of fossil fuel CO2, on April 10. Story .

May 2-- Julia M. Carpenter , 20, a sophomore in chemical engineering, on April 30. Story .

Aug. 15-- Mameet P. Khanolkar , 24, a recent M.Eng. graduate in civil and environmental engineering, on July 30. Story .

Sept. 12-- Michael Dertouzos , 64, director of the Laboratory for Computer Science since 1974, on Aug. 27. Story .

Oct. 17-- Kenneth L. Hale , 67, a professor of linguistics dedicated to the study and preservation of endangered languages who spoke more than 50 languages himself, on Oct. 8. Story .

Dec. 12--Professor Emeritus Peter Elias , 78, a pioneer in the field of computer science, on Dec. 7. Story .

Jan. 9, 2002--Professor Emeritus F. Leroy Foster of the Department of Mining and Metallurgy and former director of the Division of Industrial Cooperation, on Dec. 31. Story .
Jan. 9, 2002-- Samuel Goldblith , 82, professor emeritus of food science and former vice president of resource development, on Dec. 28. Story .

A version of this article appeared in MIT Tech Talk on January 9, 2002.

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