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No credible threats to Boston area, federal and state officials report

CAMBRIDGE, Mass. -- Federal and state officials have informed MIT that there is no indication of credible threats of attacks against the Boston area this weekend.

Kathryn A. Willmore, vice-president and secretary of the MIT corporation, sent the following email to students, faculty and staff at 12:20 p.m. Friday.

To members of the MIT community:

You may have heard news reports about the possibility of attacks against Boston this weekend. We have talked with officials in both state and federal agencies and have been told that these threats appear to be unfounded rumors.

The FBI and other agencies are tracking down all rumors and say that there is no indication of specific, credible threats. We are monitoring this situation and will, of course, let you know if the situation changes. Nonetheless, we are continuing a somewhat higher level of security on the campus.

On a more local note, some of you may have seen road blocks near campus or have heard that several buildings on Massachusetts Avenue were briefly evacuated this morning. That was due to a gas leak in the area, which has been capped and is being repaired.

These are anxious times for us all, and MIT appreciates the many ways in which people are looking out for each other.

Kathryn A. Willmore

Vice President and

Secretary of the Corporation

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