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Quarter Century Club inducts 83 new members at luncheon

Eighty-three new members of the Quarter Century Club (QCC) were inducted at a March 29 Faculty Club luncheon. QCC president Anthony P. French gave a brief history of the QCC, and Vice President for Human Resources Laura Avakian was this year's guest speaker.

Of the 83 new QCC members, 27 are women. Sixty-nine inductees are from campus and 15 are from Lincoln Lab. Last year, there were 100 new inductees. According to the QCC database, there are now approximately 2,907 club members (2,364 men and 543 women).

Membership in the QCC (part of the Office of Special Community Services in Rm 50-005) is offered to faculty, administrative, research, support and service staff with 25 years of employment with the Institute. The club's primary purpose is to promote good fellowship among long-term associates of the MIT community.

The general membership of the QCC will have an opportunity to welcome new members at the annual summer picnic on June 12 in the Johnson Athletics Center from 4:30-7pm. (Traditionally held in August, the date for this year's picnic has been changed to June due to construction on the west side of campus.)

Other QCC events scheduled this year include the Silver Club High Tea for Ladies on October 16 at the Faculty Club from 2:30-4pm, and the QCC holiday gathering on December 11 in La Sala de Puerto Rico at the Stratton Student Center from 5-7pm.

This year's new QCC members are:

E. Eric Adams, Civil and Environmental Engineering

Emily L. Bassett, Student Financial Services

Ruth E. Beecher, Clinical Research Center

John A. Benedick, Athletic Department

Barbara J. Blanchard, Biology

James A. Burns, Lincoln Lab Group 88

Custodio G. Cabrita, Facilities

Francis A. Casali Jr., Lab for Nuclear Science/Bates

James W. Caunt, Lincoln Lab Division 8

Maria M. Chaves, Medical Department

Joel P. Clark, Materials Science and Engineering

Deborah Cohen, Sloan School

Brian E. Corey, Haystack

Maria S. Costa, Housing

Edward J. Dimond, Facilities

Eric J. Dluhosch, Architecture

James A. Dobrovic, Information Systems/Service Process

Rudiger W. Dornbusch, Economics

Dan E. Dudgeon, Lincoln Lab Group 97

Keh-Ping Dunn, Lincoln Lab Group 32

Rodney A. Edwards, Medical Department

Robert J. Enos, Facilities

Alan H. Epstein, Aeronautics and Astronautics

John M. Essigmann, Division of Bioengineering and Environmental Health

Russell W. Evans, Lincoln Lab Group 34

Gerald L. Fallon, Environmental Medical Service

Judith A. Finn, Lincoln Fiscal Office

Beverly H. Foxx, Center for Advanced Educational Services (CAES)

Joseph T. Fratto, Campus Police

Judith A. Freeman, Campus Police

William A. Fregosi, Music and Theater Arts

Mitchell S. Galanek, Environmental Medical Service

Ramona E. Garrett, Student Financial Services

Nancy R. Gath, Lincoln Lab Director's Office

Stanley B. Gershwin, Mechanical Engineering

Elizabeth Goldring, CAES

Bruce Goodchild, Libraries

Phyllis L. Green, Sloan School

Darryl P. Greenwood, Lincoln Lab Division 9

John H. Growdon, Brain and Cognitive Sciences

James F. Hanlon, Controller's Accounting Office

Kenneth F. Hatch Jr., Lab for Nuclear Science

David R. Hearn, Lincoln Lab Group 99

Loretta B. Hewitt, Housing

Larry L. Horowitz, Lincoln Lab Group 45

Brenda D. Jones, Lincoln Lab Group 93

Kenneth Keniston, Program in Science, Technology, and Society (STS)

H. Gobind Khorana, Biology

Leslie A. Lawrence, Materials Science and Engineering

Steven R. Lerman, Civil and Environmental Engineering

Richard K. Lester, Nuclear Engineering

Sandra Houston Lett, Athletic Department

Marsha B. Levine, Nuclear Engineering

Bertan Louis, Facilities

John F. Maglio, Sloan School

Rosemarie Melegian, Controller's Accounting Office

Jeffrey T. Millman, Lincoln Lab Group 108

Stephen P. Miscowski, Facilities

Kim Molvig, Nuclear Engineering

George B. Moody, Harvard-MIT Division of Health Sciences and Technology

Paul Motroni, Facilities

Stephen Murray, Haystack Observatory

Linda E. Okun, Mathematics

Jeffrey M. Perry, Lincoln Lab Group 63

Shirley M. Picardi, Financial Systems Services

Walter Powers, Libraries

Charlotte M. Reed, Research Lab of Electronics

William A. Ruth, Medical Department

Richard R. Schrock, Chemistry

Edward B. Seldin, Medical Department

William P. Seniw, Lincoln Lab Group 91

Ellen M. Sico, Controller's Accounting Office/Travel

Richard L. Slattery, Lincoln Lab Group 86

Jo Ann B. Sorrento, Chemical Engineering

Margaret M. Speranza, Lincoln Lab Division 6

David J. Tetreault, Center for Space Research

Elliott L. Thrasher, Medical Department

Harry L. Tuller, Materials Science and Engineering

Sherry R. Turkle, STS

Carol J. Watkins, Brain and Cognitive Sciences

Paul P. Woskov, Plasma Science and Fusion Center

Victor W. Zue, Lab for Computer Science

Gerald E. Zuriff, Medical Department

A version of this article appeared in MIT Tech Talk on April 11, 2001.

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