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An Oct. 17 MIT Tech Talk article about the Takeda Award reported that Richard Stallman had developed free software called GNU. In fact, GNU is an operating system; Linux is a system kernel, one of the major components of an operating system. The GNU/Linux combination is the operating system that has become popular; it is often mistakenly called Linux.

The article on Noam Chomsky's Oct. 18 lecture, "The War on Terrorism," in the Oct. 24 issue of MIT Tech Talk omitted the name of event's sponsor: the Technology and Culture Forum at MIT.
The TCF sponsors numerous lectures and symposia throughout the academic year that address critical issues of our time. Programs explore the role of science and technology in promoting positive social, ecological and economic change, and aim to stimulate discussion about the ethical implications of scientific discovery and technological innovation.


"Glass, Glorious Glass," an interactive workshop hosted by the MIT Museum, took place Oct. 28 and is not scheduled for Nov. 28, as reported in the Oct. 24 issue of MIT Tech Talk.

A version of this article appeared in MIT Tech Talk on October 31, 2001.

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