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Tech Day to examine e-technologies

MIT experts and alumni/ae (many of whom are both) will discuss the impact of the Internet and related technologies on our physical world in a day-long series of lectures and panel discussions on Technology Day on Saturday, June 3.

This year's theme for the annual program, sponsored by the Alumni Association, is "The Future of Atoms in an Age of Bits." The program, planned by a committee of alumni/ae and staff from the Alumni Association, is the intellectual centerpiece of reunion activities.

The morning program focuses on changes in the human-computer interface; buildings and cities; and logistics and transportation infrastructure. The afternoon panels will discuss work and social relations in a teleconnected world, the future of university education and the physical campus, and innovations and new directions in entrepreneurship.

Dean William A. Mitchell of the School of Architecture and Planning and Professors Yossi Sheffi, Rodney A. Brooks and Rosalind W. Picard are the featured speakers from 9am-noon in Kresge Auditorium. Dean Mitchell will address "E-Topia: Digital Telecommunications and the Future of Cities." Professor Sheffi of civil and environmental engineering, director of the Center for Transportation Studies, will discuss "Transportation Auctions and Exchanges." Dr. Brooks, the Fujitsu Professor of Computer Science and Engineering and director of the Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, will speak on "Flesh, Machines and the Physical World." Associate Professor Rosalind Picard of the Program in Media Arts and Sciences (ScD 1991) will focus on "The Emotionally Smart Machine."

Three panel discussions are scheduled for 3-5pm in locations around campus.

The afternoon program will include:

"The New Neighborhood: Living and Working in Virtual Communities" (Rm 6-120). Moderator: Assistant Professor Judith S. Donath (SM 1986), director of the Media Laboratory's Social Media Group. Panelists: Associate Professor Mitchel Resnick (PhD 1992) and William S. Kazman (SB 1985), president and CEO of Global Telemedix, Inc.

"Clicks and Mortar: The Future of Physical U" (Kresge Little Theater). Moderator: David Warsh, columnist at the Boston Globe. Panelists: Professor Merton C. Flemings (SB 1951), director of the Singapore-MIT Alliance; Professor Richard C. Larson (SB 1965), director of the Center for Advanced Educational Studies; Jonathon A. Winder, senior vice president, Harvard Business School Publishing's Education Division.

"Emerging Innovations and Entrepreneurship" (Rm 10-250). Moderator: John W. Poduska Sr. (SB 1959), chair of Advanced Visual Systems. Panelists: Keith E. Camhi (SM 1991), CEO and co-founder of Fitlinxx; Marina Hatsopoulos (SM 1993), CEO of Z Corp.; Henry N. Holtzman (SB 1986) founder, president and CEO of Presto Technologies, Inc.; and Jonathan D. Albert (SB 1997), principal engineer and co-founder of E Ink Corp.

A version of this article appeared in MIT Tech Talk on May 17, 2000.

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