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Lobby 7 Arts Stage planned

The Admissions Office, the Office of the Arts, and the music and theater arts section invites everyone in the MIT community to get their acts together for presentations on a Lobby 7 Arts Stage during this year's Campus Preview Weekend (April 6-8).

"The Admissions Office shares our interest in featuring the arts more prominently during Campus Preview Weekend," said Mary Haller, director of arts communication. "It's an opportunity not only to get an appreciative audience, but to attract prospective MIT students with arts interests. The Arts Stage will help demonstrate and affirm the sweeping range of MIT's cultural life."

The Admissions Office offers Campus Preview for newly admitted freshmen and their families, inviting them to visit MIT to get a feel for the campus, students and community. Some of the pre-frosh know for sure that they will enroll at MIT; others use the weekend to help make up their minds.

Spontaneous performances by MIT students, faculty and staff are welcome at the Arts Stage, but participants are encouraged to sign up in advance to ensure a time slot during peak traffic times on Saturday and Sunday. A signup sheet is posted outside the Office of the Arts (Rm E15-205).

This is the second year that Campus Preview Weekend is open to all accepted applicants. Prior to 1999, participation was limited to women and minorities.

A version of this article appeared in MIT Tech Talk on March 15, 2000.

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