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Awards and Honors

��������� The National Science Board (NSB) has named Institute Professor Emeritus Philip Morrison and Phylis Morrison -- he is a renowned physicist and science communicator, and she is an educator, author and her husband's long-time collaborator -- for one of NSB's third annual public service awards.

The NSB is honoring both Morrisons with individual awards because of their unique teaming efforts over many years in communicating science and enhancing the public's understanding of it, and for educating, encouraging and influencing a new generation of scientists.


��������� On April 25, Dean Robert J. Birgeneau received the School of Science Distinguished Service Award "for his outstanding leadership and vision in education, research and administration, carried out for 25 years in the School of Science with elegance, style and humor." Dean Birgeneau will leave MIT to become the president of the University of Toronto in July. Established in 1993, this was the fourth time that the Distinguished Service Award has been made in the School of Science. Previous awardees include Frederick Eppling of the Laboratory for Nuclear Science in 1993, former Provost Mark Wrighton in 1995, and Maija Ahlquist of the Center for Cancer Research earlier this year.

A version of this article appeared in MIT Tech Talk on May 3, 2000.

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