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Tech Review seeks top 100 young innovators

Technology Review will name the top 100 innovators under age 35 and honor them with a day-long symposium hosted by Bill Moyers and Lesley Stahl to mark the magazine's 100th anniversary.

Compiling the list, to be called the TR100, will be a panel of judges including three Nobel laureates, three university presidents, and prominent venture capitalists and CEOs. The magazine will profile the top 10 nominees in its November/December issue and will name an Innovator of the Year at the symposium and gala planned for November 4.

"We have chosen to honor potential as we celebrate our 100th anniversary," said Bruce Journey, publisher and CEO of Technology Review. "What distinguishes this award is that we're looking ahead into the next century and asking today's leaders to identify leaders of tomorrow."

The panel of judges includes many from MIT: John Benditt, editor in chief of Technology Review; Michael Dertouzos, director of the Laboratory for Computer Science; Robert Langer, professor of chemical and biomedical engineering; Nicholas Negroponte, director of the Media Laboratory; Professor Phillip A. Sharp, head of the Department of Biology and Nobel laureate in physics and medicine; President Charles Vest; and alumni Robert Metcalfe, vice president for technology at International Data Group (SB 1968), and Ray Stata, CEO of Analog Devices (SB 1957, SM).

Other judges include David Baltimore, president of Caltech and Nobel laureate in medicine; Anita Borg, president of the Institute for Women and Technology; physics Nobelist Arno Penzias, senior technology advisor at Lucent Technologies; Judith Rodin, president of the University of Pennsylvania; Allan G. Spoon, president of the Washington Post Co.; and Bill Wulf, president of the National Academy of Engineering.

Judges will look for a nominee's potential to make innovations to cutting-edge technology in the fields of biotechnology, information technology, and chemistry and materials science, including nanotechnology. They will also consider nominees from basic research, transportation, energy generation, construction, business and the arts.

"Emphasis will be placed on innovators to watch -- those whose greatest and most exciting efforts lie in front of them," Mr. Benditt said.

Nomination forms for the TR100 are available through the Technology Review web site or by calling Technology Review at x3-8250.

A version of this article appeared in the April 7, 1999 issue of MIT Tech Talk (Volume 43, Number 25).

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