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Museum announces slogan contest winners

After reviewing dozens of entries from students, staff, faculty and even spouses, the MIT Museum slogan committee has announced the outcome of its campus-wide slogan contest.

"Virtually all of the submissions were clever and original," said Museum director Jane Pickering. "This is MIT, after all!"

Despite the quality of the entries, however, committee members felt that no submission authentically described both the MIT Museum of today, which features Arthur Ganson's mechanical sculptures, holography, Doc Edgerton, and a retrospective of hacks -- and the Museum's evolving focus as a showcase for MIT innovation.

Still, the committee couldn't resist awarding prizes to two entrants for the option to use their slogans for future exhibitions or events.

Marjory Wunsch, wife of Professor Carl Wunsch of earth, atmospheric and planetary sciences, will be awarded a prize for several memorable slogans including "See How it Runs," "In Case You've Wondered" and "The Research is On." A prize will also go to retiree Marcia C. West for the au courant "Click Here!"

"Although these terrific slogans do not quite describe the present MIT Museum experience, one or all might be perfect for future exhibitions or programs," Ms. Pickering said. Ms. Wunsch and Ms. West will receive $50 shopping sprees in the MIT Museum Shop.

In its outreach efforts over the next 18 months, the Museum will use the slogan "Invention. Ideas. Innovation." to communicate its identity to the wider community. "As the Museum evolves, so will its slogan," Ms. Pickering said.

A version of this article appeared in the September 11, 1999 issue of MIT Tech Talk (Volume 44, Number 2).

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