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107 new members of Quarter Century Club are inducted

Honoring a milestone of MIT employment, 107 new members of the MIT Quarter Century Club (QCC) were inducted at a March 31 Faculty Club luncheon.

Professor Sheila E. Widnall, Institute Professor and former Secretary of the Air Force, was the guest speaker. QCC board member George F. Koster, professor of physics, served as master of ceremonies.

Of the new members, 85 work on the main campus and 22 at Lincoln Lab. Fifty-three are men and 32 are women. Last year at this time, there were 199 new QCC members. This year's additions to the club bring total membership to approximately 2,762.

QCC membership is offered to faculty, administrative, research, support and service staff with 25 years of employment with the Institute. The primary purpose of the club is to promote good fellowship among long-term associates of the community. The Quarter Century Club is a part of the Office of Special Community Services (OSCS).

The full QCC will welcome new members at the annual summer picnic on August 17 from 4:30-7pm at the Johnson Athletics Center. Other QCC events in 1999 include the Silver Club High Tea for Ladies on October 12 at the Faculty Club and the holiday gathering on December 7 in the Stratton Student Center's Sala de Puerto Rico.

New members are:

Harold Abelson, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (EECS)
Thomas W. Alosso, Lincoln Lab Group 108
Robert C. Armstrong, Chemical Engineering
Herbert M. Aumann, Lincoln Lab Group 101
Harriet L. Barnett, Sloan School
Moshe E. Ben-Akiva, Civil and Environmental Engineering
Rosa M. Benzan, Central Procurement
Carl O. Bozler, Lincoln Lab Group 88
Mary Ellen Bushnell, Information Systems (Support Process)
George L. Carayannopoulos, Lincoln Lab Group 97
Margot O. Carey, Lincoln Lab Group 93
Andrea L. Carleton, Lincoln Lab Group 106
Kathleen E. Carney, Information Systems
(Delivery Process)
Eileen C. Cecca, Medical Department
Elias Christopoulos, Facilities
Robert J. Ciccarello, Facilities
Vincent P. Clark, Facilities
Laurence Cohen, MIT Press
Robert E. Cohen, Chemical Engineering
Charles S. Davidson, HST
John R. Delaney, Lincoln Lab Group 46
Virginia Demers, Medical Department
Violet E. Denton, Facilities
Robert L. Donaghey, Facilities
John T. Donahue, Residential Life and Student Life Programs (Housing)
Sylvia Doten, Campus Activities Complex
John E. Drover, Lincoln Lab Group 601
Stanley Fischer, Economics
Barbara E. Forman, Lincoln Lab Group 43
Steven R. Freeman, Biology
Donna M. Fucillo, Facilities
Keiko Fujiwara Oh, HST
John A. Gangi, Facilities
Anthony J. Garratt-Reed, Center for Materials Science and Engineering
Deborah A. Goodwin, Lincoln Lab Group 18
Stephen J. Gorman, Treasurer's Office
Elizabeth S. Hafen, Lab for Nuclear Science
Carl W. Hagge, II, Facilities
Hilda Harris-Ransom, Biology
William R. Hawthorne, Aeronautics and Astronautics
Clarence A. Henniger, Campus Police
James M. Henry, Sr., Facilities (CAC)
Christine M. Hewes, Division of Comparative Medicine
James Howe, Anthropology Program
Carol J. Hughes, Office of the Provost
Anne M. Hunter, EECS
Harry A. Jackson, Ocean Engineering
Joanne Jones, Central Procurement
H. Walter Jones, Jr., Medical Department/Provost's Office
David G. Kalenderian, Information Systems
(Service Process)
Barbara O. Karampalas, Center for Cancer Research
Marc A. Kastner, Physics
Robert Kiley, Facilities
Sungsil Kim, Libraries
Irene T. Kimborowicz, Lincoln Fiscal Office
Charmaine L. King, Earth, Atmospheric and Planetary Sciences
Cynthia Y. Kopf, Research Lab of Electronics
Paul D. Krippendorf, Lab for Nuclear Science (Bates-LINAC)
Kathleen M. Lalor, Controller's Accounting Office
Gloria L. Landahl, Materials Science and Engineering
Ann M. Lees, HST
Donald R. Lessard, Sloan School
Richard E. Lowe, Residential Life and Student Life Programs (Housing)
Thomas M. Lynch, Medical Department (EMS)
Allan L. MacDonald, Facilities
George F. Mackey, Lincoln Lab Group 106
Norman H. Magnuson, Jr., Facilities
James S. Martin, Lincoln Lab Group 76
June E. McCaull, MIT Press
Donna M. McTague, Lincoln Lab Group 32
Barbara T. Mitchell, Lincoln Lab Group 13
C. Michael Mohr, Chemical Engineering
Peter H. Molnar, Earth, Atmospheric and Planetary Sciences
Diane R. Monahan, Controller's Accounting Office
Ernest J. Moniz, Physics
Maria J. Monserrate, Lab for Information and Decision Systems
William R. Moran, Facilities
Charlotte A. Morse, Office of Sponsored Programs
Christopher H. Moulton, Lincoln Lab Group 33
David M. Otten, Lab for Electromagnetic and Electronic Systems
Joseph A. Pellegrino, Lincoln Lab Group 13
Joseph S. Perkell, Research Lab of Electronics
Charles A. Primmerman, Lincoln Lab Group 94
Raul O. Quesada, Faculty Club
Elizabeth A. Reed, Career Services and Pre-professional Advising
Chokyun Rha, Office of the Provost
Bowen Robinson, Residential Life and Student Life Programs (Housing)
William J. Rogers, Campus Police
Margaret Rose, Lincoln Lab Group 32
Philip W. Rosenkranz, Research Lab of Electronics
Donna R. Savicki, School of Engineering
John H. Seluta, Lincoln Lab Group 12
Jeffrey H. Shapiro, EECS
Robert M. Shaw, Sloan School
Barry A. Solomon, Chemical Engineering
Richard P. Stanley, Mathematics
Robert A. Steeves, Lincoln Lab Group 75
Gordon L. Tebbetts, Lincoln Lab Group 12
Joan Teno, Lincoln Lab, Director's Office
Marcus A. Thompson, Music and Theater Arts
Eric A. Von Hippel, Sloan School
Alan F. White, Sloan School
Alan R. Whitney, Haystack Observatory
Alan S. Willsky, EECS
John S. Wishnok, Division of Bioengineering and Environmental Health
Judith Wurtman, Brain and Cognitive Sciences
Michael W. Yeates, Museum

A version of this article appeared in the April 7, 1999 issue of MIT Tech Talk (Volume 43, Number 25).

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