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Hosts needed to house high school musicians

As part of the MIT Concert Band's 50th anniversary celebrations, the group is hosting the New England Music Festival (NEMF), which will draw more than 475 of the area's most talented high school musicians to Cambridge from March 18-20, 1999. John Corley, who has continuously conducted the Concert Band throughout its history, is a former executive secretary of the New England Music Festival Association.

Organizers are seeking volunteers to house at least two students for two evenings (Thursday and Friday) and provide breakfast and transportation to Kresge Auditorium by 8am on Friday and Saturday mornings. The students can sleep on the floor; a bed is not required. Transportation can be by MBTA, car or walking, but the students need to be escorted. Car-pooling by two or more host families (or T-pooling, etc.) is encouraged.

Noting that the NEMF is a "wonderful way to showcase MIT to these musically talented high school students," Concert Band member Karen Walrath (SB 1985, SM) said the experience will be positive and exciting for both the students and their host families.

For more information about the festival, see the band's web page at To volunteer as a host, call Jacob Strauss at 225-9687 or Dr. Walrath at (781) 641-3730. While the hunt for housing will likely continue until closer to the festival date, early responses are appreciated.

A version of this article appeared in MIT Tech Talk on December 9, 1998.

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