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Classification and Compensation core team, project advisors


Patricia Brady, HRPD team leader
Nora Costa, manager of compensation
Dineen Doucette, administrative assistant
Kenneth Hewitt, senior personnel officer
Alyce Johnson, personnel officer
Robert Lewis, director of personnel for employee relations
Judy Raymond, compensation system specialist
Joan Rice, vice president for human resources


Ramona Allen, personnel administrator, Biology
Sharon Bridburg, special assistant to the dean for personnel administration, Office of the Dean of Students and Undergraduate Education
James Bruce, vice president for Information Systems
Allan Bufferd, deputy treasurer, Treasurer's Office
Allison Dolan, director, I/T staff development and resource management, Information Systems
Carol Fleishauer, associate director for collection services, Libraries
Genevieve Hammond, personnel and operations administrator, Alumni/ae Association
William Hecht, executive vice president, Alumni Association
Annette Jacobs, executive director, Medical Department
Bonny Kellermann, recording secretary, Treasurer's Office
Nancy Kelly, administrative officer, President's Office
Doreen Morris, assistant provost for administration, Provost's Office
Beth Ogar, director of finance and administration, Resource Development
Charlene Placido, assistant dean for research, Provost's Office
Donna Savicki, assistant dean for administration, School of Engineering
Charles Shaw, Institute auditor, Audit Division
Vicky Sirianni, director, Physical Plant
Barbara Stowe, vice president for Resource Development
Glenn Strehle, vice president and treasurer
Rosalind Williams, dean of students and undergraduate education
Kathryn Willmore, secretary of the Corporation, director of Public Relations Services and executive assistant to the president
Ann Wolpert, director of Libraries
Sally Wright, manager of outpatient administrative services, Medical Department

A version of this article appeared in MIT Tech Talk on July 15, 1998.

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