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Artist-in-Residence Arthur Ganson's first major exhibition in New York opens Saturday, May 30 at the Ricco/Maresca Gallery at 529 West 20th St. Machines, presented by the gallery in association with William Louis-Dreyfus, shows sculptures that "have to be seen to be believed," said the folks at Ricco/Maresca. Mr. Ganson has created three new pieces for Machines, which he is "cloning" for inclusion in the ongoing exhibition, Gestural Engineering: The Sculpture of Arthur Ganson at the MIT Museum. Machines runs through Tuesday, June 30

I.M. Pei, who received his architecture degree from MIT in 1940, has won the 1998 Edward MacDowell Medal, presented annually to a creative artist who has made an outstanding contribution to the arts. Mr. Pei, who has been a member of the Council for the Arts at MIT since its inception in 1972, is the first architect to receive this medal, which will be awarded at a public ceremony on August 16 at the Mac-Dowell Colony in Peterborough, NH.

The public art project "Flock Mentality," turned out to be quite a feather in graduate student Stephen McHale's cap. The flock of 80 pink plastic lawn flamingos wending their way into Boston last week captured the attention of commuters and the media alike.

On Day 4, Mr. McHale and his flock ran the risk of becoming jailbirds, as a state trooper rousted them from their roost at Science Park. Media coverage included a live broadcast with Mr. McHale by WRKO-AM at the project's conclusion at Boston's City Hall Plaza. Calling him "Flamingo Boy," the radio personalities polled passersby for reactions and "liberated" four of the birds for a radio promotional giveaway.

On Friday, May 22, Mr. McHale will present a slide show and discuss the project at 5pm in Rm 3-133.

A version of this article appeared in MIT Tech Talk on May 20, 1998.

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