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Merck, MIT announces fellowship recipients

MIT and Merck & Co., Inc., a research-driven pharmaceutical company, have named the eight graduate students and 10 postdoctoral researchers who have been awarded fellowships this year under the MIT-Merck Fellowship Program announced last spring (MIT Tech Talk, March 19). The postdoctoral fellows will receive a year's funding and the graduate fellows will receive funding for two years.

The fellowship program at the graduate level offers support to students outside the biological sciences who are working on biology-related projects. Professor Boris Magasanik of biology will advise these students and serve as their liaison with the department.

This year's graduate fellows, listed with their department and faculty advisor, are Sara Dempster (chemistry, Bruce Tidor); Joydeep Goswami (chemical engineering, Daniel Wang); Jason Haugh (chemical engineering, Douglas Lauffenburger); Chuan He (chemistry, Stephen Lippard); George Homsy (mathematics; Bonnie Berger); Hua Tang (chemical engineering, Robert Langer and Daniel Blankschtein); Arun Thomas (computer science, Martha Gray and Deborah Burstein), and Cheuk-san (Edward) Wang (computer science, Tom������������������s Lozano-P���rez).

The postdoctoral fellowships provide support for projects in the biological sciences that are already underway, allowing fellows an additional year to complete their research and publish results before moving on to another position. This year's postdoctoral fellowship recipients and the faculty members' labs in which they work are Alicia Arroyo (Richard Hynes), George Cohen (David Baltimore), Christopher Counter (Robert Weinberg), Igor Levchenko (Tania Baker), York Marahrens (Rudolf Jaenisch), Iain Russell (Peter Sorger), Carlos Semino (Phillips Robbins), Tod Smeal (Leonard Guarente), Zhiwei Song (Hermann Steller) and Thomas Tuschl (Phillip Sharp).

Fellowship recipients will participate in twice-yearly symposia, co-sponsored by Merck and MIT, during which they will report on research and share ideas for future projects. This year's fall symposium will be held on October 27.

The annual Merck fellowship program is one component of the Merck/MIT collaboration, established to pursue joint initiatives in science and engineering education at MIT. Fellowship recipients were chosen by a committee of MIT faculty and Merck scientists. Applications for next year's fellowships will be available from the Department of Biology in the spring.

A version of this article appeared in MIT Tech Talk on September 10, 1997.

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