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Dickson home after surgery

Senior Vice President William R. Dickson, who had successful bypass surgery at Massachusetts General Hospital on September 11 following a mild heart attack, was discharged from the hospital yesterday and will continue to recuperate at home.

His doctors say that, on average, someone who has undergone this kind of surgery can expect to spend about four to six weeks recovering at home. Mr. Dickson reports that he is feeling well but he gets a little tired after being up for a while. Once he's a little stronger, he plans to set up an office at home, he said.

President Charles M. Vest commented, "His doctors have advised us that he is doing well. We have no plans whatsoever to take special administrative measures during his absence. He and I have every confidence that the departments reporting to him will function well without his immediate attention during his recovery."

A version of this article appeared in MIT Tech Talk on September 17, 1997.

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