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Quarter Century Club inducts 121 new members

Membership in MIT's Quarter Century Club (which recognizes those who have worked at MIT for at least 25 years) grew by 121 last month when the 1997 group of new members was inducted at a luncheon on March 26 at the Faculty Club.

James J. Fandel, president of the QCC, served as master of ceremonies, and Rosalind H. Williams, dean for Undergraduate Education, was the guest speaker. Members of the club's board of directors hosted individual tables of new members.

This year's group is 29 percent women and 71 percent men. Campus is represented by 62 members and Lincoln Lab accounts for 59. There were 73 new members in the 1996 group.

The general membership of the QCC--now more than 2,600--will have an opportunity to welcome new members at the annual summer picnic on August 19. New members are:

Ebert C. Agard, Physical Plant
Arthur L. Anger, Support Process, I/T
Kitty H. Ayres, Environmental Medical Service
Paul R. Bailey, Lincoln Lab Group 12
Robert P. Baker, Lincoln Lab Group 73
Gerald P. Banner, Lincoln Lab Group 91
G. Octo Barnett, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
Carolyn L. Beckman Stitson, Biology
Edmond R. Becotte, Lincoln Lab Group 4FF
Leonard C. Bernat, Lincoln Lab Group 72
Nancy A. Blue, Lincoln Lab Group 83
Joseph A. Bosco, Plasma Fusion Center
Stephen S. Britten, Lincoln Lab Group 71
Donald A. Brown, Lincoln Lab Group 63
Sara H. Brydges, Earth, Atmospheric and Planetary Sciences
Roland I. Buoncuore, Lincoln Lab Group18
Joseph D. Burger, Francis Bitter National Magnet Laboratory
Claude R. Canizares, Center for Space Research
Guy W. Carlisle, Lincoln Lab Group 96
Mariann Carnazzo, Controller's Accounting Office
James M. Carter, Research Laboratory of Elec-tronics
George H. Chihoski, Plasma Fusion Center
Eleanor Chin, Sloan School of Management
Joseph C. Chow, Lincoln Lab Group 98
Louis A. Cimmino, Lincoln Lab Group 96
William J. Coady, Financial Planning and Management
Robert A. Corby, Lincoln Lab Group 76
Gerald J. Cullen, Lincoln Lab Group 33
Basil L. Derby, Lincoln Lab Group 71
Charles L. Doherty Jr., Lincoln Lab Group 87
Victor S. Dolat, Lincoln Lab Group 87
Paul L. Dratch, Medical Department
Harvey A. Fenton, Lincoln Lab Group 73
John C. Fielding, Lincoln Lab Division 4
Margaret T. Foster, Biotechnology Center
Stanley C. Foster, Medical Department
Grace C. Foti, Controller's Accounting Office
Judith M. Francisco, Lincoln Lab Group11
Gloria S. Freedman, Lincoln Lab Group 34
Martin J. Furey, Center for Space Research
Jane E. Galus, Lincoln Lab Group 82
Jerry Gerolamo, Plasma Fusion Center
George J. Gillis, Physical Plant
Ann M. Graybiel, Brain and Cognitive Sciences
John T. Guy, Service Process, I/T
Jennifer deVries Gwinn, Nuclear Engineering
William H. Harman III, Lincoln Lab Group 42
William J. Hecht, Alumni Association
William G. Henderson, Lincoln Lab Group 12
Kenneth W. Hocter, Laboratory for Nuclear Science
John J. Holland, Physical Plant
David E. Holmes, Physical Plant
Trond Hans Kaalstad, Civil and Environmental Engineering
John G. Kassakian, Laboratory for Electromagnetic and Electronic Systems
Nancy D. Kelly, Office of the President
Marjorie M. Kilgus, Lincoln Lab Group106
George H. Knittel, Lincoln Lab Group 3KM
Joseph C. Koegler, Lincoln Lab Group105
Steven I. Krich, Lincoln Lab Group108
Israel Kupiec, Lincoln Lab Group 93
Ping M. Lee, Aeronautics and Astronautics
Gloria G. Liias, Lincoln Lab Group 64
Leonard J. Lopez, Lincoln Lab Group 76
Joseph V. MacPhee, Lincoln Lab Group 47
Ole S. Madsen, Civil and Environmental Engineering
Thomas L. Magnanti, Sloan School of Man-agement
Michael J. Manfra, Lincoln Lab Group 83
Darlene Marble, Plasma Fusion Center
Henry S. Marcus, Ocean Engineering
John P. McCrillis, Lincoln Lab Group 63
Joan McCusker, Civil and Environmental Engineering
David R. McElroy Jr., Lincoln Lab Division 6
Paul J. McQuillan, Office of Sponsored Programs
Marilyn G. McSweeney, Libraries
Janet G. Mello, Lincoln Lab Division 3
Margo M. Miller, Libraries
Daniel E. Mull, Lincoln Lab Group 83
Ann J. Murphy, Brain and Cognitive Sciences
Janet H. Murray, Foreign Languages and Literatures
John C. Nickerson, Plasma Fusion Center
Elizabeth A. Norton, Treasurer's Office
John F. O'Brien Jr., Energy Laboratory
Richard R. Panzini, Lincoln Lab Group 15
Anna M. Piccolo, Sloan School of Management
Lease A. Plimpton, Lincoln Lab Dirctor's Office
Richard W. Ralston, Lincoln Lab Division 8
Robert E. Reeder, Lincoln Lab Group 83
Russell R. Rhodes, Lincoln Lab Group 64
George R. Ricker Jr., Center for Space Research
Glen Dale Ross, Laboratory for Nuclear Science
Alan B. Rostoff, Libraries
Ann Rowbotham, Center for Technology, Policy and Industrial Development
Robert V. Russell, Medical Department
William A. Sawers Jr., Lincoln Lab Group 17
Roger R. Seaborne, Lincoln Lab Group 12
Kenneth D. Senne, Lincoln Lab Division 10
Shen Y. Shey, Lincoln Lab Group 97
Judith Sheytanian, Ocean Engineering
Margaret D. Shield, Lincoln Lab Group 12
David A. Shnidman, Lincoln Lab Group 44
Daniel L. Smythe Jr., Haystack Observatory
Lydia S. Snover, Planning Office
Lee B. Spence, Lincoln Lab Group 93
David A. Spencer, Lincoln Lab Group 41
Linda Stantial, Sloan School of Management
Mark L. Stevens, Lincoln Lab Group 67
Kenneth E. Stringham Jr., Lincoln Lab Group 42
Virginia A. Such, Libraries
Gerald J. Sussman, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
Richard J. Thellen, Lincoln Lab Group 12
Edward A. Thibeault, Plasma Fusion Center
John B. Vander Sande, School of Engineering
Herman F. Vandevenne, Lincoln Lab Group 41
Barry L. Vercoe, Media Arts and Sciences
Deborah A. Verhille, Lincoln Lab Group 13
Marsha A. Walsh, Medical Department
Dennis C. Weikle, Lincoln Lab Group 63
Robert A. Weinberg, Biology
Richard C. Williamson, Lincoln Lab Group 83
Henry E. Zeuli, Lincoln Lab Group 98
Dorothy A. Zibkowski, Lincoln Lab Group 72

A version of this article appeared in MIT Tech Talk on April 3, 1997.

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