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Mechanical Engineering bestows awards on 20

The Department of Mechanical Engineering presented its annual 1997 awards luncheon on May 16.

The award for Outstanding Service to the Department went to Keith Breinlinger, a graduate student from Hampstead, NH.

Project mechanic Norman L. MacAskill, machinist Anthony M. Cieri and mechanic Robert P. Nutall received the Department Appreciation Award for outstanding service to the department through their work in the Pappalardo Lab.

The Carl G. Sontheimer Prize for Excellence in Innovation and Creativity in Design was awarded to Akhil J. Madhani, a graduate student from Cambridge, and Samir A. Nayfeh, a graduate student from Blacksburg, VA. Dennis H. Son, a graduate student from Fountain Valley, CA, and Luis H. Palacios, a graduate student from Cupertino, CA, were awarded the Reinhold Rudenberg Memorial Prize for an outstanding undergraduate thesis relating to energy conversion.

Amy B. Smith, a graduate student from Cambridge, received the Meredith Kamm Memorial Award for outstanding performance in the mechanical engineering graduate program. Luke P. Sosnowski, a junior from Colmar, PA, and Michael P. Schmidt-Lange, a senior from White Plains, NY, won the Luis De Florez Award for outstanding ingenuity and creativity in design.

The Whitelaw Prize for outstanding design and construction of a device for the contest in 2.007 (Introduction to Design) was awarded to James K. Lee, a sophomore from Castro Valley, CA, and Roger Cortesi, a sophomore from Washington, DC.

Wunsch Foundation Silent Hoist and Crane Awards for outstanding performance in an undergraduate thesis or project relating to materials handling were presented to Kari A. Backes, a senior from Somerville; Oliver B. Burlaud, a junior from Burkina Faso; Wendy H. Cheng, a junior from Plymouth, MN; Sawyer A. Fuller, a sophomore from Los Osos, CA; Sara J. Godding, a sophomore from Long-meadow, MA; Jason S. Nogueira, a senior from Cumberland, RI; Aaron D. Winthers, a sophomore from Willingboro, NJ, and Timothy S. Zue, a sophomore from Winchester, MA.

A version of this article appeared in MIT Tech Talk on June 4, 1997.

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