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"Find out what the university culture is, not just what you want it to be" and "involve the students" were among the words of advice offered by Associate Provost for the Arts Alan Brody in a February 20 panel discussion at Northeastern University entitled "The Mission of the Arts Educator Related to Today's Liberal Arts Concerns."

Professor Peter Child's Tableaux was performed at a February 28 Boston Musica Viva concert, which the Boston Globe's Richard Buell has already put onto "the list of 1997's best concerts." Mr. Buell wrote, "A sure but delicate hand is evident in [Tableaux's] instrumental twinnings, its way of having its music-stuff cohere or pile up additively."

"In the end, Kosuth shows us the context for viewing art, and we see ourselves," wrote the Boston Globe's Cate McQuaid of Joseph Kosuth: Redefining the Context of Art 1968-97, on view at the List Visual Arts Center. "Improvisational, collaborative art put together by people around the world may well be an entirely new form," she wrote of the List Center's exhibition, Port. "It's an exciting prospect. They're not aiming for high art; they're aiming for high interactivity. Given the newborn quality of their pursuits, that's good enough."

A version of this article appeared in MIT Tech Talk on March 19, 1997.

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