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Quarter Century Club inducts 73 new members

Seventy-three new members of the MIT Quarter Century Club were inducted at a luncheon March 20 at the Faculty Club. Senior Vice President William R. Dickson spoke at the luncheon. Members of the Club's board of directors hosted individual tables of new members.

The general membership of the QCC-now more than 2,500- will have an opportunity to welcome new members at the summer picnic. New members are:

Brian F. Adams, Lincoln Laboratory Group 42
Harold W. Anderson Jr., Lincoln Laboratory Group 63
Russell C. Aucoin, Lincoln Laboratory Group 64
Professor John W. Belcher, Physics
Professor Ned J. Block, Linguistics And Philosophy
Dennis L. Boyden, Environmental Medical Service
Kenville S. Callender, Physical Plant
Anthony W. Camara Jr., Physical Plant
Nicodemo A. Ciccia, Lincoln Laboratory Group 41
Daniel R. Cohn, Plasma Fusion Center
Malcolm R. Coley, Lincoln Laboratory Group 64
Rosa Belle Combs, Office of Laboratory Supplies
Margaret M. Condon, Telecommunications Systems
Richard D. Cox, Campus Police
James J. Culliton, Vice President for Administration
Joanne L. Cummings, Admissions Office
Frank P. Davidson, System Dynamics Group
Margaret E. De Popolo, Libraries
Edward Drakes, Physical Plant
Geraldine L. Durant, Lincoln Laboratory Group 87
John M. Edmond, Earth, Atmospheric and Planetary Sciences
Craig W. Edwards, Lincoln Laboratory Group 32
Irene L. Ferriabough, Francis Bitter Magnet Laboratory
Professor Clifton G. Fonstad Jr., Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
Virgil Foster, Housing
Dorothy Frank, Earth, Atmospheric and Planetary Sciences
Robert F. Goeke, Center for Space Research
Dorothy Ann Gordon, Registrar's Office
George S. Gordon Jr., Center for Space Research
Robert P. Greene, Media Lab
John C. Henry, Lincoln Laboratory Group 47
Professor Carl E. Hewitt, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
Louis A. Isgur, Distributed Computing and Network Services
Francis S. Jannetti, Comptroller's Accounting Office
Peter Siao-sung Kao, Lincoln Laboratory Group 95
Professor Jonathan A. King, Biology
Professor Melvin H. King, Urban Studies and Planning
John W. Leech, Industrial Liaison Program
Donald E. Lencioni, Lincoln Laboratory Group 51
Isabella Maguire, Center for Cancer Research
Lawrence E. Maguire, Housing
Stephen Marcus, Lincoln Laboratory Group 53
Janice M. McDonough, Medical Department
Elaine Miller, Medical Department
Maria G. Mitchell, Political Science
Christina Moore, Libraries
R. Allen Murphy, Lincoln Laboratory Group 84
Professor John W. Negele, Physics
Lucille A. O'Hehir, Housing
Frances M. Page, Materials Processing Center
Maureen Petrie, Endicott House
Professor Robert S. Pindyck, Sloan School of Management
Barbara A. Plenty, Telecommunications Systems
Gerrard F. Power, Research Laboratory of Electronics
Terri C. Priest, Public Relations Services
Professor Ronald G. Prinn, Earth, Atmospheric and Planetary Sciences
Helen M. Raine, Aeronautics and Astronautics
James M. Ray, Medical Department
Professor Martin Rein, Urban Studies and Planning
Myra A. Rodrigues, Medical Department
Edgar J. Rollins, Plasma Fusion Center
Professor Derek Rowell, Mechanical Engineering
Dieter J. Sigmar, Plasma Fusion Center
Professor Sean C. Solomon, Earth, Atmospheric and Planetary Sciences
Nancy W. Stauffer, Energy Laboratory
Donald Sullivan, Physical Plant
Professor William G. Thilly, Center for Environmental Health Sciences
Theresa A. Tobin, Libraries
Laura L. Weldon, MIT Press
Patricia A. White, Sloan School of Management
Professor James H. Williams Jr., Mechanical Engineering
Varian F. Woolfork, Registrar's Office
Joseph Yamron, Aeronautics and Astronautics

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