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Mechanical engineering honors achievements of 21

Award certificates and honoraria were presented to 21 students at the annual Awards Luncheon of the Department of Mechanical Engineering last month at the MIT Faculty Club.

The Carl G. Sontheimer Prize for excellence in innovation and creativity in design was shared by Matthew Wall, a graduate student from Fort Wayne, IN, and Kevin L. Wasson, a graduate student from Enfield, NH.

Departmental Service Awards were presented to Stacy Morris, a senior from Avon, CT, and Liv Galendez, a senior from Rialto, CA.

Peter Kassakian, a graduate student from Cambridge, was awarded the Reinhold Rudenberg Memorial Prize for an outstanding undergraduate thesis relating to energy conversion.

Julie Yang, a graduate student from Houghton, MI, received the Meredith Kamm Memorial Award for outstanding performance in the mechanical engineering graduate program.

The Luis De Florez Award for outstanding ingenuity and creativity in design was presented to Neeta Verma, a senior from Doha, Qatar, who also received the ASME Student Service Award for outstanding and tireless service as president of the student chapter.

The Whitelaw Prize for outstanding design and construction of a device for the contest in Introduction to Design was shared by two sophomores, Nathaniel Riley of Memphis, TN, and Kirk Seward of Overland Park, KS.

Wunsch Foundation Silent Hoist and Crane Awards for outstanding performance in an undergraduate thesis or project relating to materials handling were presented to the following students: Fabio Brunet, a sophomore from St. Ann, MO; Ania Mierzejewska, a sophomore from Horseheads, NY; Mads Schmidt, a sophomore from Norfolk, MA; Keith Fife, a sophomore from Brigham City, UT; Diana Sanchez, a sophomore from Tampa, FL; Troy Thorson, a sophomore from Onalaska, WI; Denzil Vaughn, a sophomore from Hempsted, NY; Annabel Flores, a freshman from Eagle Pass, TX; Adrian Gomez, a freshman from San Diego; Laura Montalvo, a freshman from Spring, TX; Lizabeth Montalvo, a freshman from Spring, TX, and Dennis Rivera, a freshman from Hillside, NJ.

A version of this article appeared in MIT Tech Talk on June 5, 1996.

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