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Groups to gather reengineering comments

Do you have a comment about a redesigned service at MIT? Here's your chance to tell the people in charge.

The Community Involvement Team plans to launch the first of several ad hoc Resource Groups to support redesigned services. The initial group will be for MIT's Mail Services, and it's looking for members.

Resource Groups will provide a forum for communication between users of a new process or service, team members who proposed the changes, and the MIT employee in charge of that service. Group members would bring their comments and concerns as well as the views of their colleagues to the group for discussion and problem solving. For example, the Mail Services group might focus on issues involved in changing from metering and stamping departmental mail to using the centralized service.

Reengineering provides a starting point for change at MIT, but those involved need ongoing feedback from the community to continue improving services.

Participation in a Resource Group will not require a large time commitment. The goal will be to quickly correct problems in a redesigned process and then disband, reconvening only if needed. Groups will have a facilitator to organize and run each meeting as well as handle logistical arrangements.

If there is sufficient community interest in the Resource Group for Mail, other ad hoc groups may be set up for services such as Repair and Maintenance and the partnership arrangements such as Office Depot. Anyone with questions can call x8-5993.

A version of this article appeared in MIT Tech Talk on October 2, 1996.

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