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News Conference Advisory on Massachusetts Technology Collaborative Report

The Massachusetts Technology Collaborative's report on the implications
of reduced federal research funding for Massachusetts. Currently the
federal government sends $3.6 billion in research funds to Massachusetts
universities and research institutes.

Thursday, Feb. 29
10:30 a.m
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Rm. 6-120

For directions, call the MIT News Office, 617-253-2700

MIT President Charles M. Vest will be host.

Dr. Adam B. Jaffe, associate professor of economics at Brandeis
University and principal author of the report, will present its

John T. Preston, MTC chairman.

Joseph D. Alviani, MTC president, former Secretary of Economic Affairs.

Copies of the report, Planning for Change/Preparing for Growth:
Implications of Reduced Federal Research Funding for Massachusetts, will
be available to the media.

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