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Student services team forming

Vice President for Administration James J. Culliton has been named the sponsor of the still-to-be-assembled reengineering team that will undertake a redesign of a vital part of MIT's operations-student services.

Mr. Culliton's assignment was announced by Senior Vice President William R. Dickson, chair of the Reengineering Steering Committee. Each reengineering team is headed by a captain (who will be identified later) and supported by a sponsor who is a vice president and member of the Reengineering Steering Committee. The goal of the reengineering effort is to simplify administrative work, produce improved results at lower cost and make much work more satisfying.

Mr. Culliton said he hopes the full team can be assembled and ready to work by July 1. The team captain will be a faculty member, he said.

"All areas that have direct student contacts must be represented on the team, and I look forward to hearing from members of the community who have specific ideas on how we can improve in all of these areas. The team's scope will be broad, ranging from undergraduate education to the graduate school, and all of the activities that support students-housing, food service, medical and many others."

Student and faculty involvement is vital to the success of the team, Mr. Culliton said. Mechanisms will be established for ensuring student involvement through the Graduate Student Council and the Undergraduate Association.

"Full involvement of all the offices involved in student services is crucial to the successful completion of this important task," he said.

Mr. Culliton invited comments from the community on the planning process. An e-mail box, , will be available beginning today at 1pm. It is not anonymous; Mr. Culliton will receive the messages.

A version of this article appeared in MIT Tech Talk on April 12, 1995.

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