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Engineering search committee named

A committee has been formed by Provost Joel Moses to conduct a search for candidates for the Dean of Engineering's post.

The committee has been asked to conduct its search in the context of a review of future directions for research and teaching by the School.

The committee solicits thoughts from the MIT community both on future directions for the School and names of individuals who should be considered candidates for the position of dean.

The committee will be meeting weekly until early November when it hopes to submit its recommendations to Provost Moses. In addition subgroups of the committee will be available to meet with groups or individuals who would like to make presentations or discuss issues. To schedule a meeting, call Carolyn Fialkowski at x3-3511 or send e-mail to .

Any member of the committee will be pleased to receive comments or candidate suggestions. Faculty members are Professors Jack Kerrebrock (chair), Jesus Del Alamo, Merton Flemings, Woodie Flowers, Thomas Greytak, Arnaldo Hax, Barbara Liskov, Gregory McRae, Fred Moavenzadeh, Michael Triantafyllou and Jacquelyn Yanch. Student members are being selected.

A version of this article appeared in MIT Tech Talk on September 20, 1995.

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