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135 are inducted into Quarter Century Club

Membership in MIT's Quarter Century Club grew to 2,667 this spring as 135 new members were welcomed at a luncheon held March 28 at the Faculty Club.

Members of the Club's Board of Directors each hosted a table at the luncheon and introduced the new members seated there. Joan F. Rice, vice president for human resources, represented President Charles M. Vest, who was out of town, and read a letter of welcome from him.

For the first time this year, a husband and wife, Robert A. and Audrey Jones Childs, were admitted simultaneously, although the club has a number of families with multiple representation. Another notable new member was unable to be present at the luncheon. He is Institute Professor John M. Deutch, who is on leave awaiting Senate confirmation as director of the Central Intelligence Agency.

This year's new members are:

Susan J. Andrews, Lincoln Group 96

Orlando J. Annese, Chemistry

Linda I. Audin, Medical Department

Rita Baglio, Housing Office

Professor Lotte Bailyn, Sloan School of Management

Professor Jeanne Bamberger, Music and Theater Arts Section

Michael Baranger, Physics

Professor Arnold I. Barnett, Sloan School of Management

Muriel J. Bernier, Ocean Engineering

William E. Bicknell, Lincoln Group 51

Frank L. Bingham, Lincoln Group 72

Cynthia C. Bloomquist, Vice President for Resource Development

Joseph T. Blucher, Materials Science and Engineering

George Boolos, Linguistics and Philosophy

Joan G. Boughan, Center for Space Research

David L. Briggs, Lincoln Division 4

William T. Brogan, Lincoln Group 86

Andrew J. Brown, Comptroller's Accounting Office

Ivan E. Burris, Lincoln Group 21

Professor Wit Busza, Physics

Alfred Cangeme, Physical Plant

Professor A. Doughas Carmichael, Ocean Engineering

James D. Carroll, Lincoln Group 95

Merle Ann Carter, Laboratory for Nuclear Science

Antoinette Centorino, Materials Science and Engineering

Audrey Jones Childs, Biotechnology Center

Robert A. Childs, Plasma Fusion Center

Professor Nazli Choucri, Political Science

Joseph S. Collins, Alumni/ae Association

Chathan M. Cooke, Laboratory for Electromagnetic and Electronic Systems

Professor Charles L. Cooney, Chemical Engineering

William N. Craig, Lincoln Group 34

Janet L. Cronin, Industrial Liaison Program/Corporate Relations

Linda R. Cuccurullo, Libraries

Catherine E. Cumming, Lincoln Fiscal Office

Marylouise G. Darrell, Libraries

Frances M. DeAngelis, Industrial Liaison Program/Corporate Relations

Professor Arnold L. Demain, Biology

Institute Professor John M. Deutch

Constantine J. Digenis, Lincoln Group 95

Professor Peter S. Donaldson, Literature Section

Ann C. Drumm, Lincoln Group 42

Bruce E. Duquette, Lincoln Group 52

Professor Ira Dyer, Ocean Engineering

Jean Dzengeleski, Office of the Provost

Paul Earls, Center for Advanced Visual Studies

Margaret S. Enders, Undergraduate Education and Student Affairs

David H. Enggren, Lincoln Group 48

Leslie A. Finck, Office of the Provost

William W. Forbes, Center for Space Research

Professor Ralph A. Gakenheimer, Urban Studies and Planning

Ronald F. Generazzo, Office of Sponsored Programs

Louis Goldberg, Physical Plant

Dallas M. Gould, Biology

Mary Anne Gowen, School of Engineering

Professor Robert G. Griffin, Francis Bitter National Magnet Laboratory

J. Thomas Guttadauro, Lincoln Group 95

Professor John H. Harbison, Music and Theater Arts Section

Alan E. Harrington, Comptroller's Accounting Office

Clarke P. Heon, Haystack Observatory

Peter E. Hicks, Physical Plant

Thomas E. Holbrook, Computing Support Services

Professor Peter A. Holland, Athletics

Professor Roman Jackiw, Physics

Robert F. Kane, Mechanical Engineering

Peter B. Kelley, Operations and Systems

Professor Steven Lawrence Kleiman, Mathematics

Thomas F. Knight Jr., Artificial Intelligence Laboratory

Roger H. Kolb, Libraries

Herb Kottler, Lincoln Division 9

David F. Lambert, Operations and Systems

Mary F. Lane, Sloan School of Management

Naum Lazarou, Operations and Systems

Professor Heather N. Lechtman, School of Humanities and Social Sciences

Barbara J. Linden, MIT Museum

Everett D. Longstreth, Music and Theater Arts Section

Richard H. Lyon, Mechanical Engineering

Louise M. MacEachern, Telecommunications Systems

Paul W. MacDonald, Property Office

John J. Madden, Campus Police

Stephen J. Madden Jr., Aeronautics and Astronautics

Professor David Hunter Marks, Civil and Environmental Engineering

Joe A. Marshall Jr., Lincoln Group 72

Manuel Martinez-Sanchez, Aeronautics and Astronautics

William F. Mayer, Center for Space Research

Jane E. McCauley, Lincoln Fiscal Office

Kenneth McRitchie, Physical Plant

Edward L. Meade Jr., Lincoln Group 95

Rosa Melo, Center for Advanced Engineering Study

Professor Albert R. Meyer, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Professor Sanjoy K. Mitter, Laboratory for Information and Decision Systems

Nishan J. Najarian Jr., Physical Plant

Ellen F. Nangle, Sloan School of Management

John C. Narcotta, Physical Plant

Robert E. Nicholls, Lincoln Group 38

John V. Pantano, Lincoln Group 83

Professor Seymour A. Papert, Media Arts and Sciences Section

Robert F. Paquette, Francis Bitter National Magnet Laboratory

Antonio F. Pensa, Lincoln Group 91

Professor Uttam L. RajBhandary, Biology

Lewis H. Renshaw, Physical Plant

Sharon L Richardson, Admissions Office

Jeanne M. Rinaldi, Energy Laboratory

Michael J. Riordan, Laboratory for Nuclear Science

Carol S. Robinson, Libraries

Angelo E. Rodriguez, Lincoln Group 72

Josefina Briones Sabio, Clinical Research Center

Aida R. Sayegh, Libraries

Kathleen B. Sayre, Alumni/ae Association

Richard F. Schiavoni, Property Office

Marceline D. Sealy, Physical Plant

Marie Elena Seamon, Public Relations Services

LeRoy E. Sievers, Lincoln Group 33

Franklin C. Smith, Operations and Systems

Theresa E. Speaks, Alumni Association

Susan M. Staecker, Lincoln Group 94

Brooke Stevens, MIT Press

Phyllis E. Stevens, Chemistry

Phyllis Cameron Stone, Lincoln Director's Office

Professor Nam P. Suh, Mechanical Engineering

Professor Lawrence E. Susskind, Urban Studies and Planning

Orlando Suva Martin, Libraries

Kimball D. Thurston Jr., Lincoln Group 38

Elsa G. Tian, Audit Division

Professor Neil E. Todreas, Nuclear Engineering

Samuel G. Tracey, Physical Plant

Nancy Tucker, Francis Bitter National Magnet Laboratory

Joseph M. Walsh, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Professor Jan Wampler, Architecture

Barbara Jean Ward, Lincoln Fiscal Office

Clifford J. Weinstein, Lincoln Group 24

Professor Roy E. Welsch, Sloan School of Management

Sandra G. Wilkes, Comptroller's Accounting Office

Joyce V. Yearwood, Sloan School of Management

A version of this article appeared in MIT Tech Talk on April 12, 1995.

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