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Procedures to be followed during reorganization...

Procedures to be Followed During Reorganization or Reductions in Work Force Reulting from Reengineering

1. As a result of reengineering and the redesign of work, new jobs and organizational structures will be defined.

2. People will be selected to work in the new environment based on past and present accomplishments, responsibilities, skills and capabilities. In the new environment, performance measurements will become even more important for both employees and managers and a new performance evaluation system will be implemented for all administrative and support staff throughout the MIT administration.

3. Training needed to perform work in the new environment will be provided by the Institute using internal and external resources.

4. In the event that reengineering indicates a reduction in force, attrition is the preferred way to accomplish the reduction. If attrition is not workable and a layoff is required, MIT's current policy will be followed.

5. When business processes are redesigned and new jobs and organizational structures are defined, prior to staffing the new structure:

a. A review committee of senior officers will meet with the present and proposed management to consider the proposed changes and the process by which jobs will be filled.

b. All internal candidates for positions in the new structure will normally have had a written performance appraisal, including a skills inventory, completed within the previous 18 months.

c. Following the search process and before appointments are finalized, proposed staffing will be submitted to the review committee for final consideration.

A version of this article appeared in MIT Tech Talk on May 1, 1995.

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