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Nuclear Engineering cites 10

Ten departmental awards in nuclear engineering were announced at the annual banquet of the American Nuclear Society Student Chapter held in April.

The American Nuclear Society MIT Student Chapter Outstanding Teaching Award was presented to Assistant Professor Kevin W. Wenzel.

David M. Freed, a graduate student from Los Angeles, received the Manson Benedict Fellowship recognizing excellence in academic performance and professional promise.

The Sherman Knapp Fellowship of Northeast Utilities is given to an outstanding graduate student who plans to pusue a professional career in nuclear power engineering. This year's recipient was Chi H. Kang of Glendale, MD.

Tammy L. Stoops, a senior from Export, PA, received the Roy Axford Award for outstanding academic achievement. She is also the recipient of an Ida M. Green Fellowship under which she will begin her graduate studies.

The Irving Kaplan Award for outstanding academic achievement by a junior was presented to Seungtaek L. Choi, of Huntington Beach, CA.

Outstanding Student Service Award for service to the department beyond academic and research achievements were given to Joelle Dennie, a graduate student from Sudbury, Ont., and Jeffrey C. Hughes, a graduate student from Somerville, MA.

Nuclear Engineering poster awards for outstanding visual presentation of research at the annual open house were presented to graduate students Joao Justo from Brazil, Ju Li and Meijie Tang from China and Daniel T. Moriarty of Cambridge.

A version of this article appeared in MIT Tech Talk on June 7, 1995.

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