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Aging Successfully Series April 12-19 at MIT

CAMBRIDGE, Mass.--What is the relationship, if any, between "alternative" and "conventional" medicine? Can we become "better" as we age? What preparations should be made for death and dying?

These questions and others will be the focus of the eighth in the annual Aging Successfully series, sponsored by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology's Medical Department and the MIT Women's League. The event is being organized by Catherine N. Stratton, wife of the late president emeritus of MIT, Julius A. Stratton.

Series events will be presented April 12 and April 19, from 9:30am to noon on both days, in the Bartos Theater of the Wiesner Building, 20 Ames St., Cambridge.

The sessions are free and open to the public. Coffee will be available at 9am.

The first seminar, on Wednesday, April 12, will be "Alternative and Conventional Medicine: A Symbiotic Relationship."

It will be moderated by Peter Reich, MD, chief of psychiatry at the MIT Medical Department and professor of psychiatry at Harvard Medical School.

Speakers will be David Eisenberg, MD, of Beth Israel Hospital, assistant professor of medicine at Harvard Medical School, and Arnold Weinberg, MD, medical director of the MIT Medical Department and professor at Harvard Medical School.

The second seminar, "The Final Chapter: Issues and Answers on Death and Dying," will be on Wednesday, April 19.

The moderator will be Michael Kane, MD, of the MIT Medical Department.

Panel members will be Bernard Lown, MD, professor emeritus of cardiology at the Harvard School of Public Health, who shared the 1985 Nobel Peace Prize as a leader of the International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War; Leslie Crane Slavin, Esq., a lawyer with the firm of Lourie & Cutler, PC, and Loring Conant Jr., MD, medical director of Hospice of Cambridge.

A question period will follow each seminar.

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