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Search committee named for associate dean post

Arthur Smith, dean for undergraduate education and student affairs, has announced the formation of a search committee to make recommendations to him for filling the position of associate dean and head of the Residence and Campus Activities Section of UESA, which became vacant on the resignation of James Tewhey this spring.

This position is of central importance to students and is also one which interacts with many other parts of the Institute. Consequently the search committee was chosen to reflect a broad range of these interests.

Judy Jackson, associate dean and director of the Office of Minority Education, will chair the committee which consists of four student members and four staff and faculty who are closely associated with the Residence and Campus Activities Section. Dean Jackson expects to have an open meeting early in the Fall term at which students and others can have input into the selection criteria.

The student members of the committee are Daniel J. Dunn, a senior in mechanical engineering; Nika C. Lee, a junior in urban studies and planning; Feniosky A. Pena, a graduate student in civil engineering, and Anne S. Tsao, a senior in biology and vice president of the Undergraduate Association.

Faculty and staff serving of the committee are Anne P. Glavin, chief of the MIT Campus Police; Arnold R. Henderson, assistant dean of Student Assistance Services (UESA); Phillip J. Walsh, director of the Campus Activities Complex, and William B. Watson, associate professor of history and housemaster of Baker House.

A version of this article appeared in the August 4, 1993 issue of MIT Tech Talk (Volume 38, Number 2).

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