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Fund provides loan relief for teachers

MIT students graduating this month who will be teaching in elementary, middle, or secondary schools this fall may be eligible for a loan forgiveness program funded by the Class of 1991 Gift.

America's future depends on the students who are in its elementary and secondary schools today. As the future leaders, citizens, engineers, and scientists of the nation, these youngsters should be given the best education possible. Well-educated and inspiring teachers are key to ensuring a quality education for this next generation, but many highly qualified recent college graduates simply cannot afford to pursue a teaching career because of educational loan repayment obligations.

MIT's Class of '91 decided to encourage recent MIT graduates to become school teachers by alleviating some of their debt burden while they begin teaching. The Class of '91 dedicated its senior gift to the MIT Teaching Fund, a loan forgiveness program. MIT students who are graduating this year and will be teaching in the fall can apply to the Teaching Fund to repay part of their educational loans.

To be eligible, applicants must have a contract or an equivalent job commitment to teach full time at the K-12 level for at least one academic year. The fund will run until 1996 and will be available to students receiving undergraduate degrees from MIT during that period.

Qualified students should visit the offices of the Council on Primary and Secondary Education in Rm 8-202 or by pcall x3-4698. Applications must be received by October 1; awards will be announced in December.

The decision to use the Class of '91 senior gift to create the MIT Teaching Fund reflects the concern of MIT students about the current state of American primary and secondary education. With this action, the Class of '91 has endorsed teaching at the K-12 level as an important career focus.

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