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The Boston Globe

Postdoctoral associate Matt McDonald will run in the 2022 Boston Marathon this upcoming April, reports Michael Silverman for The Boston Globe. “It’s thrilling that I’ll get to race the best marathon in the world on the street that I run every day,” says McDonald.

New York Times

A new study by MIT researchers provides evidence that running can be socially contagious, reports Gretchen Reynolds for The New York Times. Prof. Sinan Aral explains that the study showed, “In general, if you run more, it is likely that you can cause your friends to run more.”

Los Angeles Times

Los Angeles Times reporter Amina Khan writes that a study by MIT researchers shows that exercise can be contagious. The researchers found that a “runner’s peers did influence him or her to run more — but they also discovered that not all users influenced their buddies equally. Individuals were more likely to be prodded to up their game by less-active peers.”