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WGBH’s Cristina Quinn visits an AI Ethics camp for middle school-aged kids co-hosted by the MIT Media Lab and local STEM organization Empow Studios. “I love to think about a future where the students in this workshop make up the majority of the people who work in Silicon Valley or the majority of the people who work on Wall Street,” says graduate research assistant Blakeley H. Payne, a leader at the camp.


In an interview with NPR, alumna Noramay Cadena and her daughter, Chassitty Saldana, discuss how Cadena completed her MIT degrees while raising Saldana. Cadena tells Saldana that graduating from MIT “gave me this huge sense of hope for what you would do."

A slideshow compiled by highlights “some of the faces and places” from MIT’s history. The slideshow features historic images of campus, research projects, sporting and student events, and more. 


Kirk Carapezza of WGBH reports on the MIT Admissions video that depicts what it would be like if MIT could deliver admissions decisions with drones. “We do know that waiting for admissions decisions can be stressful for students and we wanted to lighten the mood a bit,” says Stuart Schmill, dean of admissions. 

Boston Magazine

Eric Randall writes for Boston Magazine about the video created by the MIT Admissions Office to announce that admissions decisions will be available this weekend. The video shows “Dean of Admissions Stu Schmill releasing an army of drones that carry letters all over the world (and solar system) to bring good news to the future MIT class of 2019.”

Boston Globe

Boston Globe reporter Steve Annear writes about MIT’s tradition of announcing admissions decisions on “Pi Day,” noting that this year’s date has added significance. “Because Pi Day falls on 3/14/15, it matches up with the first four numbers that follow the decimal point — 3.1415,” explains Annear. 

CBS Boston

CBS News reports on the video created by the MIT Admissions Office illustrating what it would be like to deliver acceptance letters to applicants by drone. The video simulates “the experience of small drones flying over landmarks like the Grand Canyon to the Taj Mahal to bring the good news to applicants.”


Nidhi Subbaraman of BetaBoston writes about the MIT Admissions video that imagines what it would be like if MIT could deliver admissions decisions via drones. The video features a “montage of various fictitious paths the robotic messengers take around the world, dropping off their cargo."

Boston Globe

Junior Madison Douglas speaks with Boston Globe reporter Marvin Pave about the many activities she is involved in at MIT, including researching volcanic activity in Spain, playing flute in the orchestra and serving as the women’s sabre squad leader. “I really enjoy everything I do, but at the same time I have to be disciplined and maintain a balance,” says Douglas. 

CBS Boston

CBS Boston lists the MIT Museum gift shop among the top-five museum gift stores in the city: “Not only will visitors find a wealth of MIT memorabilia in the MIT Museum Store, they will also find lots of math presents and barware.”

Business Insider

Business Insider highlights the work of 14 MIT students. “MIT is known for its top notch engineering and computer science programs, and some of these students are certainly breaking ground in these areas, but others are dancers, firefighters, and Olympic archers.” 

Boston Globe

The Boston Globe reports on the MIT football team’s victory in the first round of the NCAA Division 3 playoffs. The Engineers kicked a field goal to force overtime, “then got a 13-yard touchdown pass from Peter Williams to Seve Esparrago to pull out a 27-20 victory over Husson.”

The Wall Street Journal

Wall Street Journal reporter Ben Cohen takes a look at the revival of the MIT football program, which after being disbanded in 1901 was resurrected as a student-run squad in 1978. “They deserve a lot of credit for where we are today,” says MIT President L. Rafael Reif of MIT’s founding football players.

NBC News

Ron Mott of NBC News reports on the MIT football team and its first undefeated season. “It’s not hard to motivate them because they are very intelligent, very motivated, very passionate about what they are trying to accomplish in every facet of their lives,” says Engineers Head Coach Chad Martinovich.