• John Ochsendorf, Anne Carney, and their two children, Lucia and Liam.

    John Ochsendorf, Anne Carney, and their two children, Lucia and Liam.

    Photo courtesy John Ochsendorf

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  • Enectalí Figueroa-Feliciano, Bárbara Algarín, and their son, Ignacio.

    Enectalí Figueroa-Feliciano, Bárbara Algarín, and their son, Ignacio.

    Photo courtesy Enectalí Figueroa-Feliciano

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New housemasters for East Campus, The Warehouse

John Ochsendorf, Anne Carney, and their two children, Lucia and Liam.

MIT Dean for Student Life Costantino Colombo announced this week new Housemaster appointments for two residential communities, the Warehouse and East Campus.

“I am thrilled to introduce the new Housemasters to the residents,” said Dean Colombo. “They are going to be great neighbors, great mentors, and great resources for our students.”

The Warehouse, a graduate residence on Albany Street, welcomes MIT professor John Ochsendorf and his wife, Anne Carney. John, a specialist on the engineering safety of ancient buildings, is an associate professor with a joint appointment in the Departments of Architecture and Civil and Environmental Engineering. Anne is a licensed speech therapist and an educational grant writer for the Jay Pritzker Academy in Cambodia, which aims to send low-income children to the best universities in the world. The Warehouse will also be home to their two children, 2-year-old Lucia and 8-month-old Liam.

John and Anne say that community is very important to their family, and cite living in their respective colleges as well as a recent one-year fellowship at the American Academy in Rome as valuable experience for their new role as Housemasters. “Serving as faculty Housemasters will give us an opportunity to create an extended family-like community, such as the one we relished so much in Rome,” John said. “We particularly like to interact with international students, and will truly enjoy the opportunity to create a home for them at MIT.”

East Campus, an undergraduate dormitory on Ames Street, welcomes MIT professor Enectalí (Talí) Figueroa-Feliciano and his wife, Bárbara Algarín. Talí, who develops and carries out experimental measurements of cosmological and astrophysical phenomena, is an assistant professor of physics. Bárbara is a Judge Advocate for the U.S. Army Reserve. They will be joined by their 18-month-old son, Ignacio.

Talí and Bárbara say they are excited to be Housemasters — especially at East Campus. “East Campus has a long tradition of being unconventional,” said Talí. “It is an exciting place that oozes joie de vivre.”

MIT Housemasters are faculty who reside in the undergraduate and graduate residential halls and fill an important role in each house’s community; they are part advisor and advocate, part mentor and neighbor. Housemasters work closely with Graduate Resident Tutors, their house’s student government, and Residential Life staff to advise individual students, advocate for the house, and foster community life at the Institute.

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