Grand Challenges and Engineering Systems: Inspiring and Educating the Next Generation

Engineering Systems Division hosts the second annual International Engineering Systems Symposium

ESD researchers study the complex social/technological questions that “will increasingly determine the future,” says Susan Hockfield.
At MIT, Hockfield's job “is to lower boundaries that still exist
between departments, and schools. By bringing together faculty, ESD
creates enormous energy."

In this keynote talk, MIT President Emeritus Charles Vest wants to capture the passion of the next generation through some “soul stirring.” Through a campaign involving government, industry and
media, Vest hopes to convince young people that engineers are vital to
meeting the “Engineering Grand Challenges” of global warming and
sustainable energy, improving medicine and healthcare delivery,
reducing vulnerability to human and natural threats, and expanding and
enhancing human capability and joy (a somewhat unusual category for
engineers, Vest admits).

(From MIT World)

Topics: Engineering Systems, MIT presidency, Administration, Education, teaching, academics, History of MIT


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