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Graph theory

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Graph theory is generally thought of as originating with the "Königsberg bridge problem," which asked whether a walker could cross the seven bridges of Königsberg, Prussia (now Kaliningrad, Russia), once each without crossing any of them twice. This is the graphical depiction of theproblem, where the nodes represent land masses and the edges bridges.

Explained: Graphs

A simple tool for representing relationships between data, devices or almost anything else has ubiquitous applications in computer science.

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A graph is a group of vertices (circles) connected by edges (lines); a maximal independent set is a group of vertices (glowing circles), unconnected to each other, at least one of which <i>is</i> connected to any vertex omitted from the group.

Targeted results

By envisioning data as 'graphs,' MIT researchers show how to find local solutions to otherwise overwhelmingly complex problems.

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