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  • Oliva explores new ground in computational perception at CSAIL

    Neuroscientist looks forward to collaborative studies of visual perception in the brain and its computational applications.

    November 8, 2011
  • Portable, super-high-resolution 3-D imaging

    A simple new imaging system could help manufacturers inspect their products, forensics experts identify weapons and doctors identify cancers.

    August 9, 2011
  • You can take it with you

    A new system lets you transfer open applications between a computer and a cellphone simply by pointing the phone’s camera at the computer’s screen.

    June 16, 2011
  • Finding an edge

    An algorithm for identifying the boundaries of objects in digital images is 50,000 times more efficient than its predecessor.

    May 31, 2011
  • What makes an image memorable?

    Hint: We tend to remember pictures of people much better than wide open spaces.

    May 24, 2011
  • Gesture-based computing on the cheap

    With a single piece of inexpensive hardware — a multicolored glove — MIT researchers are making <i>Minority Report</i>-style interfaces more accessible.

    May 20, 2010
  • Seeing the forest for the trees

    Object recognition systems that break images into ever smaller parts should be much more efficient and may shed light on how the brain works.

    May 7, 2010