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    President L. Rafael Reif

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Reif announces office hours for 2015-16

MIT President L. Rafael Reif

Interested MIT faculty, students, and staff may sign up for 15-minute meetings with the president.

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President L. Rafael Reif has announced office hours for the 2015-16 academic year.

Since his inauguration in 2012, as a way to connect with members of the MIT community, Reif has reserved blocks of time for office hour sessions with interested MIT faculty, students, and staff. During these sessions, participants have discussed a variety of topics, viewpoints, and ideas. 

Starting in October, Reif will again hold 15-minute office hour sessions during two-hour blocks throughout the academic year. Due to the high demand, sessions are typically in a small-group format, but one-on-one sessions are also available. 

To sign up, interested parties should visit president.mit.edu/office-hours.

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